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Olympic doubles badminton descends into farce

Rob Jones reports from Wembley Arena

By Rob Neil Jones 31/07/2012 21:39

The Olympic women’s doubles badminton at Wembley Arena degenerated into disgrace as teams appeared to deliberately throw away points.

(AP Photo-Andres Leighton)

Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli of China, ranked No 1, and Jung Kyung-eun and Kim Ha-na of South Korea, seeded 8, put on a display that would have disappointed a primary school PE teacher.


At one stage 21 points passed without a single rally over three shots. Not content with being unable to keep points going, the players then descended another notch. Eight serves went out or into the net, leaving a frustrated crowd booing and crying “Off, off, off”.


The officials intervened but the standard didn’t improve.


Both pairs had already qualified for the knockout stages and the losers in the match would avoid playing China’s highly-rated second pair until the final of the competition.


For the record, Korea 'won' 2-0.


"Actually these opponents really were strong. This is the first time we've played them and tomorrow it's the knockout rounds, so we've already qualified and we wanted to have more energy for the knockout rounds," Yu told Reuters.


"Really, it's not necessary to go out hard again when the knockout rounds are tomorrow."


It was a game made for empty seats, but unfortunately the Arena seemed to be the only venue where the corporates bothered to turn up.

They’ll be regretting that now.

31/07/2012 22:25
I'd actually disqualify both pairs for unsporting behaviour, Not in the spirit of the game. People paid very good money to see that shambles. Such a bad thing to happen in a great sport. 'professionals'
31/07/2012 22:39
bad sportsmanship should be rewarded with  a disqualification
01/08/2012 00:39

Should boot them out and open the door to other countries that failed to qualify. Give it to those who actually want to participate and take the sport seriously. I mean people have paid for tickets to watch the best play the best not to just turn up and take the mickey. No offence to China or Korea but I would be ashamed of your athletes, thought you trained to win no matter what. It is a sorry day for London we don't need it, best thing disqualify them.


31/07/2012 22:53
Shame that the officials who thought things were bad enough didn't have the bottle to do anything about when things didn't improve. Both pairs should have been disqualified for bringing the game (and the Olympics) into disrepute
01/08/2012 02:03
I wonder what would have been the result if both teams had been threatened with disqualification from the competition?? 
31/07/2012 22:31
wonder if there was any irregular betting, on this match ?
01/08/2012 03:06
What's the point of reprting the out of control spam on here if MSN do nothing about it?
01/08/2012 06:00
No argument both teams should have been sent home....
01/08/2012 00:31

oh my goodness


is this what sport has come to   that one will try to lose deliberately to get an easier next round match


lets not allow the olympics to be dragged down by these antics


sport is sport   PLAY TO WIN      A L W A Y S

31/07/2012 22:39
there should never be a time where you dont play your best to win! these are olympians! unfortunately - too hard to police!!
01/08/2012 00:58
How very disappointing.....So much effort has gone into staging these games here in the UK and it seems as if it's being treated as a sham.   Where is the spirit of sportsmanship?  Shame on them.
31/07/2012 22:56
Corruption in sport is rife now that sponsorship and human mentality ie greed is where the higher you come the more money you. Its about time the Olympics went back to basics, to what the games are supposed to be all about.........................Amateur athletes getting the chance to shine on the big stage
31/07/2012 22:35
Seems the Chinese will go to any lengths to win medals,the games declined since profession ism was introduced.
01/08/2012 06:12
Disqualify both teams and their trainers as an example
31/07/2012 22:42
Seems to me the Chinese are using all the worst strategies possible - They will, in due course, bring the Games into disrepute with their nefarious endeavours
01/08/2012 09:03
If the countries concerned have any honour they would withdraw these players forthwith as they have shamed their countries in the eyes of the world. It should not need the action of any official body.
It is a countries responsibility to ensure that those representing it perform in  the spirit of the game and the Olympics.

31/07/2012 23:06
i only read as far as it saying both teams had already qualified and were trying to avoid the other chinese pair seems like a game that could have had a bit of spirit for the crowd ....if they got booed and had officials involved why could they not have been told to play or get kicked out of the tournament ....they might have forgotten that regardless of the game being important or not the crowd had still payed good money to watch ..
31/07/2012 23:29
All they have done is shot themselves in the foot, as no matter what happens now, whether they win the gold or not both these pairs will be remembered for one thing only, that they were scared of facing the Chinese team.  Who wants that as a legacy?  Who will commercially want to sponsor them.  They have lost respect.
31/07/2012 23:41
Yes the so called Olympians failed to live up to either their profession or the Olympic ideal. But yet again the officials failed to act quickly enough or appropriately. How many times have we seen weak referees and linesmen go AWOL in football matches when the big decisions were needed? How many times have we witnessed inexplicable scorecards in boxing? Let's go up a notch and cite the F.A. for their lilly- livered capitulation when told by FIFA that the England football team would not be allowed to wear poppies for a particular match. And just for once I would love any of our politically correct commentators to break off their shackles and say what they really think when these debacles are unfolded to the watching world.   
01/08/2012 04:40
Contrary to earlier posts, this is entirely different from football teams fielding weaker teams in order to save their players' fitness for an upcoming game of greater importance. Such instances are merely prioritising. Whereas here we have a case of deliberately trying to lose! I defy you to find an English Premier League match, or any other elite football league for that matter, where a team has deliberately played with the objective to lose.

I do sympathise with the koreans somewhat, as they were the lesser of two evils and perhaps their actions were born out of retaliation. However, both teams were clearly cheating and such behaviour will be reciprocated if seen to go unpunished. Both teams should be disqualified to send out a clear message regarding the responsibilities of olympic athletes. Never has foul-play been so blatant.

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