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Meet the superhumans

By SportUK 18/07/2012 14:50

Meet the superhumans is the brilliant new advert for Channel 4’s Paralympics coverage.


The hard-hitting advert depicts scenes of people being injured in explosions while on army duty, a huge car crash and an ultrasound of a baby with birth defects.


The video also shows footage of members of the Team GB athletics, swimming and basketball teams in action.

Watch the advert

Channel 4 Paralympic advert - Channel 4 and YoutubeWatch the advert

Forget everything you thought you knew about strength.


Forget everything you thought you knew about humans.


It’s time to do battle.


Meet the superhumans


Follow the London 2012 Paralympic Games, exclusively on Channel 4 from 29 August to 9 September.

18/07/2012 17:26
Truly inspirational people and a great advert too.  God be with them all.
18/07/2012 19:18
They are an inspiration & i'm not dissing them.........its good to see someone getting Lucky even if Bad Luck put them where they are today.But some of us will never get back on track,society & the poxy Government are making sure of that.......
19/07/2012 11:08
Watching that video makes me proud to be human. It is a commercial about overcoming, about challenging oneself, about becoming more than you are. And you don't have to have a disability to realize this.
18/07/2012 20:58

I saw this powerful ad last night with my kids, we all felt very emotional and very proud. Everyone of them is a winner to us, go TEAM GB go!!

18/07/2012 17:29
I'm so sick of the notion that the paralympics needs to be forced on people by highlighting that the athletes are just as strong, determined and hard working as any other.

Lines like:
'Forget everything you thought you knew about strength'
'Forget everything you thought you knew about humans'
Really are an insult.

What are you implying that I thought I knew about strength?
What are you implying that I thought I knew about  humans?

You don't have to emotionally bully people into caring about the paralympics, you aren't changing the way people perceive handicapped athletes.
People will think what they want and watch what they want, your emotional bullying is just plain offensive to any intelligent person, who see's it for what it is.. 

18/07/2012 18:25
Was GOD with them when they got blown up,mashed in a car crash or suffered a s****y disease that changed theyre lives forever??? Did GOD help them pick the pieces up? No Technology did,Doctors did,MONEY did.This is the way Evolution rolls.He sure as s**t hasnt helped me!!!
God, if he supposedly exists, is probably to busy laughing at all the fools who think he gives a s**t about them.
Out of all the possible locations in the entire Universe that LIFE could Evolve,God only stays here does he?A faithful servant to mankind?He is Sooo immense he can deal with every single thing that happens can he??? The Land of Jesus or whatever is just a f**king War Zone,i'm sure God is well unhappy about that ,so much so that...yes,he's done f**kall to prevent it from happening and is doing f**kall to stop it.......
Wake up and smell Life.....

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