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Britain beats 100-year gold medal record

By Ian Jones 07/08/2012 16:00

A quick look at our medal tracker reveals that, thanks to this afternoon's efforts of the dressage team, Britain has now surpassed the number of golds it won in Beijing in 2008:


Britain has now won its greatest number of golds at an Olympic Games for over 100 years.


The all-time record is 56 golds, won - aptly enough - at the London Olympic Games of 1908.


Britain also needs just four more medals of any colour to exceed the total it won in Beijing. This is perhaps a more realistic target than 56 golds!

07/08/2012 16:46

Waiting for comments from Jah Army and other plonkers denigrating what has been an amazing achievement from Team GB --- well done Britain


07/08/2012 17:25
taking into account population ratio percentage to China and the US, the UK is doing the best by a long way.
07/08/2012 17:25
taking into account population ratio percentage to China and the US, the UK is doing the best by a long way.
07/08/2012 17:50

Team GB has made us all proud to be British. The constant hard work and training

necessary to win any kind of medal is staggering, and the Teams' devotion to the

Olympic ideal can only reap dividends of international understanding and set an example

for future generations to emulate.God Bless and thankyou all.

07/08/2012 17:47

And all because the unwanted London Olympics went ahead, incredible, I was against the games being held in Britain for sure, but I was wrong and the governments gamble looks to have paid off.


It gets better though as Britain's lil'sweety Laura Trott, "Trotted Up In Her Second Final", she slaughtered the opponent, annihilated the USA contender, and put a smile on everybody's face for sure.

To quote the 'A' Team...'Dont'cha just love it when a plan comes together'   Well done all of Team GB and of course 'Fan' Team GB.
07/08/2012 17:42
Very well done Team GB and probably more to come
07/08/2012 17:12
In America you can get in to university just by being good at sport.  Winning is the only thing and the loser is nothing.  In China they have brutal training camps.  So of course these two sport driven countries are going to be 1 and 2.  Most of our athletes are part-timers with other jobs.  In this country (rightly or wrongly) we are taught that just being there and giving it your all if fine enough.  So 3rd in the world is all the more fantastic.  Which other team has knights in their ranks?  Good luck Sir Hoy.  Shame it's GB and not separate countries .... but that's for another post.

PS - That graphic up top doesn't make sense.
07/08/2012 17:36
well done to all persons who took part in olympics 2012 weather you won gold,silver,bronze or came runner,s up for just getting to the olympics you all deserve gold for all the training you put in and bringing so many nations together bring on RIO  
07/08/2012 18:09
If we knocked off the US swimming gold medals, we would be ahead of them with the gold medals for sure. I'm still against having the Olympics here, but its so good to see our country do something good for once on our own turf. Its just sad our lazy football team cant be bothered to put more effort in to the game unlike our Olympians who have done so well. If i was an Olympian, not only would i say these medals are for the people of this country, but for the brave men and women in the army who are fighting day and night to keep us safe. Well done Team GB :)
07/08/2012 17:09

London 2012:     20 + 12 + 12 = 44


Beijing 2008:      19 + 13 + 12 = 44



..why do the Beijing team have more medals on the table above?



07/08/2012 17:01
The Beijing graph doesn't tally up. We won 15 Bronzes in 2008 not the 12 as illustrated.
07/08/2012 17:52

the last count i saw was 21 golds and a total of 45 medals for team GB


ALL competitors should be congratulated on their effort win or lose


there have been reports that there has been no economic boom and that many businesses are losing money because of the olympics

every one knows that when a major event hits a town or city there are winners and losers here


on the whole though its good for london and good for all of the uk to be hosting these great games

07/08/2012 16:58
rachel, i think it's your eyes, that's 21 bronzes.
07/08/2012 17:35
Everywhere i have looked the medal table for us at the Beijing is 

15= bronze 



can someone confirm the correct medals please. 
07/08/2012 19:18
At least we dont have to torture our kids to win gold medals.Good to see the UK show them it can be done.Well done the Athletes you made us proud.
07/08/2012 18:54
07/08/2012 19:31
I think Victoria Pendleton has been robbed of a gold  medal!
She was pushed off balance in the first race by the Aussie and in trying to regain her balance she had to come back up the slope and was adjudged to have fouled the line.
In the next race I know she tried to win but I think that when she missed the chance at the third bend decided to concede defeat.
I still think that she is a fantastic athlete and reconsider her decision to retire.

07/08/2012 17:42
And most of the medals won in the Olympics 2012 have been won by YORKSHIRE, the forgotten North of England.
07/08/2012 16:47
Do my eyes deceive me or does the table not read gold in los angeles 1984 21, so surely that was the highest number of golds !!
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