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Nicola Adams boxes her way to gold

By Jessica Dane 09/08/2012 16:44

The first ever gold medal in Olympic women's boxing has been won by Team GB's Nicola Adams wins boxing gold.Nicola Adams in the fly category.


A fantastic fight from the 29-year-old saw her dominate the ring, beating China's Cancan Ren 16-7, and at one point knocking her opponent to the floor.


This is a historic medal to win, as this is the first time that women's boxing has ever been included in the Olympics.


Its not the Gold medal thats important here! Its that it couldnt have gone to a more deserving person!

Nichola is true charming, polite, totally unasuming ambassador for all the young people of Britain.

A lovely well mannered girl from a very ordinary background.

Fantastic result!..One of the highlights of the games for me!

09/08/2012 18:16
Well done team gb. Most of you rely on lottery funding to help you. No moaning from you, just 100%dedecation, footballers take note, we are fed up with your performance. Start earning your wages.
09/08/2012 18:12
That smile could light up the Olympic Stadium, Well Done Nicola, it's not just your home town that's proud of you, we all are.  You have made history and made a lot of us smile, you are an absolute joy.
09/08/2012 18:19
Wow brilliant performance , what a smile and totally down to earth
09/08/2012 18:30
Congratulations Nicola. A superb win and you really deserve the gold. You are a very patriotic young lady who obviously loves Great Britain and now all of Great Britain loves you. Enjoy your success and we will be supporting you again in Four years times picking up another gold for us. It makes us really proud to be from Leeds and to know we have gold medal olympic champions not living far from us. All the best from the supporters in Leeds as well as the rest of Great Britain. Dave. ****
09/08/2012 18:36

well done Nicola Adams, you go girl what a little tiger!, super show, no -one better to defeat the world champ............ now you are the champ .congrats all round

 a credit to tem GB and what a beaming smile!


09/08/2012 18:28

it really saddens me when i see thumbs downs to so many sensible non judgemental comments


do you  get a kick out of seeing your thumbs down


GO TEAM GB   you have done us proud

09/08/2012 18:23
Splendid, well done, congratulations
09/08/2012 18:33
well done Nicola, really well deserved, great fighter
A lot of England's finest have been doing great during these Olympics and I'm a one happy man because of it. Well done to Nicola too, I watched her and she was great I just wish the England football team could do as well when it comes to Euro's or the World cups but never mind lets enjoy this while it last's.
09/08/2012 17:16

Well done, Nicola!

Love your spirit and enthusiasm.

Enjoy this golden moment.


09/08/2012 17:13
Well Done you are a history maker and your family must be so very proud.
09/08/2012 18:40
Yesssss!!!! we'll going to have our postboxes painted in GOLD! Congratulations!!! Nicola!
09/08/2012 18:15
well done nicola a lot of chinese peoples giving thumbs down on here lol
09/08/2012 20:18
Well done Nicola Adams you have made history and done your country proud!  This a proud day for women in sports! You are a true inspiration and a worthy champion! Godspeed! :)
09/08/2012 17:10
Well done you sweetheart,,,,,,,,Your awesome,,,,,,,,And just in your sport, u have a cracking personality. :o)
09/08/2012 17:21

Just inspirational!  You are hopefully that ray of hope to all the young people out there, who can appreciate hard work and reap rewards!


Well done you!


Martine x

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