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25/07/2012 13:06 | By Rob Jones, producer, MSN Sport

It's just having the bottle to do it - Waterfield

MSN Sport's Rob Jones interviews one of Britain's big medal hopes for London 2012 - diver Pete Waterfield.

What qualities do you need to become a top class diver?
A lot of it is getting over the fear. We hit the water at 40mph off the board, so you've got to train your body to take that impact. Our sport is very explosive. We need to jump as quick and high as we can off the board, so we do a lot of work in the gym. But it's just having the bottle to do it really as well!

Pete Waterfield (© PA)

What's been the pinnacle of your career so far?

When I was nine I had a dream to go to an Olympics, but I never expected to get a medal. In our first Olympics me and Leon got fourth place, by only three points, which isn't a lot in our sport. So I then knew it was possible to get a medal. And then in 2004, in Athens, we got our silver medal.

How often to you get to train with your diving partner Tom Daley?
Tom lives in Plymouth and I live in Southampton. Tom had school commitment and I've got a young family, so he can't move to me and I can't move to him. We just do as much as we can. The beauty of it is the dives we do in synchro we also do individually, so when we get together it's just about getting the timing right.

Are you optimistic of gold in London 2012?
Of course, I wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't. I don't like going to competitions to make up the numbers. I want to know I'm in with a chance. Last year we competed against the top eight in the world in the world series and we won one of the events and got a bronze in another. So in two of the four competitions we medaled. And also we have the home crowd and I know what a home crowd can do for us as we won in Sheffield at the world series. It can really put pressure on the other divers.

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