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Jessica Ennis wins heptathlon gold at London 2012

How Britain's golden girl triumphed in front of her home crowd

Jessica Ennis wins the heptathlon at London 2012 (© Ian Walton-Getty Images Sport-Getty Images)
  • Jessica Ennis wins the heptathlon at London 2012 (© Ian Walton-Getty Images Sport-Getty Images)
  • How Jessica Ennis won heptathlon gold (© Reuters)
  • Jessica Ennis (© Reuters)
  • Pegged back in th ehigh jump (© Adam Davy-PA Wire)
  • Ennis in the shot (© Dave Thompson-PA Wire)
  • Skujyte in the shot (© PHIL NOBLE-Reuters)
  • Ennis' second personal best (© Anthony Devlin-PA Wire)
  • The job's half done (© Dave Thompson-PA Wire)
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Jessica Ennis, the poster girl of the London Games claimed a sensational Olympic title as she broke her own personal best to take gold with a score of 6,995 points after she won the 800m in stunning fashion.

03/08/2012 16:48
well done jessica so far its great keep going you will get gold for us
03/08/2012 17:33
Jessica Ennis is fit in every sense of the word.
03/08/2012 17:52
She could kick my arse, and I find that very attractive in a woman.

Just shows that dedication and hard work can pays off.
03/08/2012 20:14
Well done Jess. Keep going and get that Gold.Good Luck
03/08/2012 20:26

jessica is our best hope for a gold medal in track field Wish her all the best willbe cheering jess on all the way



04/08/2012 17:55
Go For GOLD Jess, you can do it !!!!! Good luck girl xxxxx
04/08/2012 14:26
Good on you Jessica am sure the whole nation is praying for you to achieve your dream........you can do it!!
04/08/2012 15:04
Good luck Jessica. We all hope you can bring us a gold medal back home!!!!!!!!!!
04/08/2012 17:18
you can do it Jessica, we are all cheering for you, go get that GOLD!!
04/08/2012 19:55
Brilliant Jess, you are the pride of Sheffield !!!!!!!
good luck jessica when you cross the line tonight the whole of GB will cry for you
04/08/2012 21:57

Absolutely amazing Jess you have made Britain Great and very proud x



It's a terrible shame that the BBC TV coverage has not allowed viewers to see the entire Ladies Pentathelon event today, or, the qualifying heats of the ladies pole vault competition. Viewers were subjected to constant interruption of thse two important events, by the ludicrous priority coverage of the Mens 100 metres. An, event, that under normal circumstances, you could not pay me enough, to see.

It is obvious where the BBC Sports executive interests lie. 

05/08/2012 03:32
The GB team made the whole British Isles proud today and I hope this post is not systematically removed for some unknown reason. I only pass by here when signing out of hotmail normally but today I posted about 4 perfectly civil and positive posts to find they had been removed!****!!!!

Anyway today was indeed the best day in my living memory for Great Britain as far as sports go!
Very happy for our deserved  winning superstars today! Well done guys and gals! :D

04/08/2012 21:47
Fantastic result. Well deserved Gold Medal..
04/08/2012 19:56
jess reminds me of a young Daly thompson


Well done Jessica Ennis, absolutely fantastic. Too all GB athletes today, who came home with medals, and the ones that didn't, we are proud of you, whether you win or lose.



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