29/07/2012 10:56 | By Jessica Dane
London 2012 Day 2: Team GB in action

Britain lose out at handball

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The British handball team lost to France 44-15. Steven Larsson from Team GB was sent off during the match.

29/07/2012 15:03
Team GB are doing really well!! Keep it up Team GB!!!!!1 going 4 a medal ;D
30/07/2012 02:42

how many dating agencies can you get on one page? waste of time posting comment on subject as they just get lost in spam

30/07/2012 08:23

Sad sacs, if you dont lke the Olympics then crawl back in the box & wait for your little idiots to run around a field after a leather football that they again never win anything with.

Why put anything on here if you dont undestand the philosopy, we are taking part which is what the Olympic statement asks participants to do.

Maybe your such fantastic sportspeople that you could take the place of those you are critical of, but then if you were you would be there.

But then you are all typical of our country, run it down rather than be positive & enjoy the fun & spectacle.  Who would want to be you sad critics....not me! 

29/07/2012 13:24
Zara really did well, I bet her mom is so proud
30/07/2012 10:26
I thought the Olympics were in the UK not France, why was French spoken before English during the opening.
Anyway lots more to go
30/07/2012 08:16
Early days guys....Germany's not even there yet, so what's the fuss. You don't declare winners after 3 days. Watch this space!
30/07/2012 08:23

the ladies road race was excellent sport, pooly was outstanding she shud get a medal for the true meaning of sport,she worked her legs off,great stuff ,but unfortunatly if the olympic committe think we will get the same amount of medals as the last olympics, there living in cookcoo land,they keep on about our old stars they have had there time, we dont have enough youngsters in the team,maybe in 4 years time we might start improoving but this year no way,48 medals no way our atheletes  are just not in the same league as the major teams ,as for saying its because of the difference in populations ,china, usa ect,we might as well pull out of the games forever as the uk, will never have the same population as china ect,and if we dont get the same ammount of medals or better.

WHO WILL they blame the atheletes,so and so didint perform as well as expected !

30/07/2012 12:29
It's so good to see the support for  GREAT BRITAIN.  If we all give GB  the same support  when we go shopping , just think how much it would help.    British industry  and British farmers Etc would all benefit from a little support. " And to the lonely single old looser "  please shoot yourself.
30/07/2012 13:04

To someone - perhaps you're sooooo lonely because you spend all your time whining about it on these forums.  Perhaps if you left your computer for a while and actually went out to meet people - get a hobby - go to classes - anything apart from telling us all how lonely you are.  Go out and do something about it!!!

02/08/2012 16:26
@Lewis day i guess you would know.
to : Franky W, I suppose the : W, stands for vanker, very appropriate in your case.
29/07/2012 19:15
My and my mate were here today & this fight was amazing to watch, but not as much as the atmosphere of a crowd behind a home grown athlete.
What a finish for a great days boxing.
PS the Thai fighter was robbed.
30/07/2012 12:18

I think Rebecca did amazing, seeing as she was bottom in the group she did great. If anyone thinks she shouldn't be pleased with herself then they are crazy because she did great! And liam did fab! One other thing is Beth she did great on the uneven bars...they were the only ones i know/absolutely care about ;)

30/07/2012 13:11

Never mind ,you did your best and we are all proud of you.


Well done to Rebecca Adlington, a bronze medal shows effort and spirit. I definitely think that Rebecca should not have had the nose operation, her nose looks the same if not bigger. Christopher Williams, a most erudite of posters on this site informs me that it is in a swimmers best interests to have a big nose because the huge conk allows the swimmer to use her nose as a ship would use her front to cut through the water.
30/07/2012 12:51
so all of these boring sports crazy people can you tell me how many gold this so called team gb will get well i can tell you none zero zilch.
We host the Olympics and we still barely get any golds. I guess we'll just have to settle for one for the showjumping...
30/07/2012 00:22
29/07/2012 23:04
great, now tell it to someone who gives a fcuk !
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