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London 2012 opening ceremony in pictures

Spectacular fireworks errupted around the Olympic Stadium after the lighting of the cauldron.

Spectacular fireworks errupted around the Olympic Stadium after the lighting of the cauldron. (© Anthony Devlin/PA Wire/Press Association Images)
  • Spectacular fireworks errupted around the Olympic Stadium after the lighting of the cauldron. (© Anthony Devlin/PA Wire/Press Association Images)
  • The Olympic cauldron is lit to mark the official start of the 2012 Games. (© David Goldman/AP/Press Association Images)
  • The Olympic cauldron is lit by seven teenagers nominated by great Olympians. (© Mark Baker/AP/Press Association Images)
  • Sir Steve Redgrave carries the torch into the stadium during the London Olympic Games 2012 opening ceremony. (© Picture by: Owen Humphreys/POOL Wire/PA Wire/Press Association Images)
  • Team GB's athletes make their way around the stadium, lead by Chris Hoy. (© John Giles/PA Wire/Press Association Images)
  • David Beckham on route to the stadium by speed boat bearing the torch. (© 2012 Getty Images)
  • Germany's contingent takes part in the athletes parade during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium. (© Marus Sezer Reuters)
  • Brazil's flag bearer, Rodrigo Pessoa, holds the national flag as he leads the contingent in the athletes' parade. (© Jorge Silva Reuters)
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28/07/2012 07:58
with the whole world watching we did ourselves proud . Stop slagging it off and get behind your country and help make it great again
28/07/2012 10:02
This was better than beijing if not the best ever purely for the fact that it was unique. Beijing was just like all the previous olympics i.e.dancers, gymnasts etc but done better. London told a story, the coming together of the rings was inspiring, the best thing ever, the lighting of the olympic flame has never been and probably never will be topped, it was like being in a magical world. £27 mill well spent. Some people are born to moan and even if they thought this was amazing they would only look for the negative points. I am not british and have seen a lot of opening ceremonies, I can only say this was insipirational, brilliant,amazing and most of all UNIQUE. SOME of you british people should show support, appreciate what your country has done and stop moaning. WELL DONE LONDON, YOU SMASHED IT!!!
28/07/2012 00:46

Full of scepticism before it all started, but by crikey Mr Boyle I loved the opening ceremony from start to finish.  You've made an already proud Great Britain the proudest he has ever been to be British



Loved it, loved it LOVED IT!


The Queen and Mr Bond parachuting in,,,,,brilliant

28/07/2012 02:57

The ceremony was great!

Tough luck if people from abroad could not understand what was going on!

Anyone with a basic grounding in history will know about the industrial revolution in the UK.

Brunel, Boulton and Watt helped lay down the foundations to our modern world.

Besides the point, I don't know anything about Chinese history, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the Beijing opening ceremony!

And our NHS? Well, I work for that organisation!

Perfect it isn't, but it is still the envy of the world. Even the (advanced?) U.S. does not have anything

like it. At the end of the day it's better to have mostly free healthcare, rather than being judged whether or not you have private health insurance. - Which maybe makes the difference whether you live or die?

I was really pleased to see Mike Oldfield playing there. He is a musical genius.

I would give the whole ceremony 9.5+ out of 10.

The only down points were Muhammad Ali, He looked far too ill and frail to be there.

And dare I say it, Paul McCartney.

I'm a real Beatles and McCartney fan, but his voice was totally shot.

Either it's his advancing years catching up on him, or it is due to him being on purpertual tours

in the U.S.?

He should look after his voice, as he is no spring chicken anymore.

I cringed to hear him trying to sing Hey Jude, it was very sad and plain embarrasing.

I saw him at the o2 a couple of years ago, and his voice was in much better shape then,

so I think it's the latter... - Anyway good luck to Team GB!



28/07/2012 01:41
loved the whole event except grandad beatle please just put him in his retirement home hes become very emabarrasing ... hes lost his voice bigtime he needs to let the young ones who can sing live still do the job robbie wouldve been great there , and where was adele best talant we have .
28/07/2012 07:50
Was not expecting much of a show actually, but was definitely won over by the time the industrial revolution chimneys came up. Just live round the corner from Stratford, could see the live fireworks as well. Surprised myself by actually loving it and feeling proud of GB!
28/07/2012 09:01
For goodness sake, can this bloody country enjoy something for once instead of whinging on?  I, for one, loved the ceremony and hope that we have a fantastic games.  For the miseries out there - stop whining and stay away.  Don't watch it if you don't want to say something positive.    
28/07/2012 05:49
I was waiting for Maggie Thatcher to come and knock down the chimneys and shut everything down
27/07/2012 21:41
Why are they announcing it in French firs,t I thought this was the London Olympics surly it should be the host Nations first language?
28/07/2012 09:48

Wow what an opening ceremony. ! Drama  by the bucket load and humour British style. It was wonderful. Well done everyone -you did us proud

28/07/2012 08:47
It was spectacular and blew me away and the moaners can go to HELL !!!
28/07/2012 08:06
give the queen a break she is an elderly lady who does a great job, everyone has off days and it went on very late, bless her long live the queen 
27/07/2012 22:43
You people are such moaners. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Simple. It takes an incredibly sad person to click on this page just to troll. Come on, get a grip people.
28/07/2012 08:09
In what world do you live Frank?  To put  on a show like last night requires meticulous attention to detail and if it's going to be a showcase to the world, it has to be done properly.  I thought the sychronisation was immaculate, the coming together of light, sound, colour, the involvement of the crowd and the volunteers was just breathtaking.  As for the cauldron at the end, that was a masterpiece; once more we can be proud to be British and for a few days forget our recession worries and celebrate as one.
27/07/2012 23:41

Are we a nation of Victor Meldrews? Come on, enjoy, this is our country stop putting us down all the time!!!!!!!!


28/07/2012 09:50
To all the whinging idiots, you show this country's people largely don't deserve the Olympics, so many insults from the bloody ignorant stupid masses.  The show was excellent, really excellent and showed Britain gives a damn about people.
28/07/2012 05:51

what can i say.

excellent from start to finish.and the begining of the opening ceromony was out of this world,and mr bean was also playing chariots of fire,and that was the funniest part.

and i wish team gb the best of luck in the olympics,and lets show them our support,and i hope that team gb can bring home some gold and silver medals,so best of luck team gb.

28/07/2012 06:56

Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean to many) was a star and the epitome of eccentric Britain. What a pity there were not more moments like it.  The Show? I was a bit sceptical to start with but was finally won over, especially when the chimneys arrived. Thought the NHS bit went on a bit longer than necessary and I have to agree with many posters that Sir P McCartney is now well over the top and ought to hang up his vocal chords (mind you, I thought that after the Jubille Celebrations as well).

All in all I thought Danny did a pretty fair job. (I don't think Beckham was really driving that boat, was he?)

28/07/2012 10:29
This was the greatest show I have ever seen! It was astounding, and only the greatest country in the world could pull it off.
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