30/07/2012 15:13
London 2012: Team GB at the Games, day 3

Team GB gymnasts claim historic bronze

Team GB gymnasts claim historic bronze (© PA)
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Great Britain won their first men's Olympic team medal in a century when they claimed bronze at the North Greenwich Arena .

Louis Smith, Max Whitlock, Daniel Purvis, Sam Oldham and Kristian Thomas scored a total of 271.711 as they produced a stunning team performance in front of a royal audience.

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30/07/2012 14:52
i have noticed alot of empty seats why because they was priced to high ive always wanted to go and watch the games but the cost of tickets was to muchit serves them right for being greedy
30/07/2012 21:30
Brilliant pictures, i am addicted to the games, doesn't matter about winning everything, it is just such a great thing to see..all the hard work & dedication of these athletes is admirable.
30/07/2012 14:55
good luck to all our teams  go for gold well done to zoe smith
30/07/2012 20:05
      The comments section is used by abusive, semi-literate Sun 'readers'.     Can we have a separate comments section for those who will  share discourse with dignity and decorum, please.
31/07/2012 00:08
 What a lot of moaning wingers !  Weather we win or not  you have to admire all the young woman and men for their attitude and pride in their country .    
31/07/2012 00:39

Reading and leaving comments is a waste of time because 90 percent of it is spam!! Even if you report it, 5 minutes later theres more! Ruins the whole experience for everyone. SORT IT OUT MICROSOFT!?

30/07/2012 21:29
Well done so far Team GB. Good luck with the rest
30/07/2012 19:52

Team GB have been bent over and shafted big time in this Olympics! I doubt I am the only one that knew that would happen, just look at all the empty seats in the stadiums. I bet they couldn't even give the tickets away.

30/07/2012 18:27
Don't let the spam W a n k e r get to you we all know he's sad haha:D
30/07/2012 23:21

well done lads!  Major respect. xx


30/07/2012 21:17
Fantastic pics, more more more, please!
31/07/2012 01:17
You say make MSN your homepage - HA! I get enough SPAM in Hotmail and don't need any more - MSN get your act together
30/07/2012 21:26

Do people who buy the Sun actually read? I though they just looked at the pictures.

It reminds me of an alleged political survey some years ago. It said that people who buy the Times support the Tories, those who buy the Mirror support Labour and those who buy the Sun and Star don't care who governs the country as long as they have large breasts.

31/07/2012 08:00
congratulations lads your truly olympians shame about japan upending you through a complaint it was plain to see he fell off but hold your heads up high as you deserve it and have achieved more than a medal the respect of the world  well done
30/07/2012 19:37
Why dony you just put your email address on if your that desperate ,get blokes send you there photos then you can take your pick .
31/07/2012 09:21

58kg to 121kg. very impressive. im a lifter i weigh about 75kg. and dead 170kg. keep at it. show women they are stonger than they think!

30/07/2012 22:43
Never thought i'd see a GB team beating the likes of USA and Russia. Beckhams furious though, says he should been in it!
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