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London 2012: torch relay highlights

Olympic cauldron atop the Acropolis

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19/07/2012 15:04

Hang on, where are all the normal people (non celebs) that carried the torch ? Why must MSN highlight the VERY WELL PAID celebrities ? Its the general public that should appear in this bulletin. When will MSN realise  we want down to earth real stories not over paid idiots on these pages. The soldier that received terrible dibilitating injuries should be on here as a true judgement of the heroism of normal everyday working class people.

19/07/2012 13:31
I agree with Jim. The tourch should of been carried by people in this country that make a difference. I was so annoyed when Andre Olley, who has done charity his whole life and has helped many kids and adults turn there lifes around through boxing was turned down and it was given to a young female runner who has done nothing for society. Pathetic saying olymics is about 'the people' when it is not one bit.
19/07/2012 15:17
What happened to the young lad in Wales who was told he would carry the torch, only to have the offer withdrawn in favour of 2 MD's of sponsoring companies?
True highlights of our corrupt society!

19/07/2012 13:11
supposed to be about the ordinary people carrying the torch ? all i can see is so called celebrities and hasbeens, another load of crap dished up by the so called self appointed LORD SEBASTIAN COE ?? sooner he crawls back under his rock the better, wonder how much hes going to profit out of this farce ?? bet he dont reveal his salary
why have celebrities been given the torch to carry if beckham is the final one to carry the torch i will switch off they have had thier fame and millions
19/07/2012 13:46
seb coe £350,000 salary,, but how much in bungs and backhanders ??
19/07/2012 13:38

The carrying of the Torch was invented by Hiltler at the 1936 Games How apt that her Majesty gets her wing of puppets to use this.

Local business and residents have had their homes and Rights trampled all over!

Seb Coe is rceivinga £350,000 Salary

Cheif Exec Michael Deighton is getting £800,000

Their are another 16 Execs on the London Olympic commitee getting £150,000each.

12 Bilion Pounds of TaxPayers money being carved up to host this propaganda event.

AUSTERITY! Only when it comes to non Ruling Class people having their services and jobs slashed.

27/07/2012 16:37
19/07/2012 16:25
I'd hoped to see a photo of L/Bombadier Ben Parkinson who carried the torch in Doncaster. It was definitely my highlight from the torch relay.
27/07/2012 15:28
oh dear god you wouldnt catch us putting a flag upside down,...........oh no we will just put the wrong one up completely and effend a nation,..get over it!!
19/07/2012 12:20
i misread that as Michael JACKSON!!! now THAT would have been a picture
27/07/2012 14:51
picture showing caudron at the acropolis is ok until you look at the union flag which is upside down. what a disgrace.
27/07/2012 18:41
Why do people insist on flying my flag upside down? Are they thick?
27/07/2012 15:18
Absolute disgrace flying our nations flag upside down. Only flown upside down as a distress signal'
Oh well, nuff said!
27/07/2012 16:33

Nice day for them.

Be nice to run across a beach!

Wonder how long it is on for??

26/07/2012 22:44
19/07/2012 16:51
i'd love to have been riding with zara phillips even if i didnt get to touch the flame then. To tell the truth just riding with her would be a dream come true!! :)
19/07/2012 16:51
i'd love to have been riding with zara phillips even if i didnt get to touch the flame then. To tell the truth just riding with her would be a dream come true!! :)
27/07/2012 14:53
And just what, might I ask, is the carbon footprint of this flame so far!? >:O
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