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Medal emotions: Team GB's winning reactions

Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking (© Reuters)

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to win an Olympic medal?

Whether it is delight, shock or relief the full range of emotions have been seen across the faces of the Team GB athletes.

We've seen joy on the faces of some silver medal winners, while others could not hide their disappointment of missing out on gold.

After working and focusing for four years on the Olympics, when that finish line is crossed the moment comes when the athletes realise what they have achieved.

Take a look through the images below to get an idea of how some of the Team GB athletes have felt when they know they have won a medal, whether it is gold, silver or bronze.

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Alistair Brownlee - triathlon: gold. After swimming 1,500 metres, cycling 43kms and then running 10,000m an exhausted Alistair Brownlee admitted that his main feeling when he crossed the finish-line in first place was relief.
09/08/2012 22:53
one of the sweetest examples of an underdog who worked so hard for so long eventually being rewarded and rewarded handsomely. CONGRATULATIONS MR. MURRAY! !
09/08/2012 16:53
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09/08/2012 23:54

Thankyou team GB and athletes from the rest of the world for what has thus far been a fantastic sporting spectacle and a much needed escape from the relentless economic doom. Politicians take note - Legacy is not something to use as political spin. If you put in half as much work, dedication and sacrifice as any one of these athletes then maybe you would justify the vote that put you where you are. Go team GB !   

09/08/2012 19:04
anyone know where i can download a clip of  Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking winning as the reaction after they finished is fantastic and something i will never forget. That alone made the Olympics memerable for me
09/08/2012 16:53
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10/08/2012 08:56

Third in the medal league table – an amazing result, well done team GB. A great example of what can happen to a countries standing when it is willing to invests in its young talent, when it is willing to believe in its own people’s ability to be among the best in the world. We are seeing the results and benefits of our willingness 10 years ago, via lottery and treasury funding, to invest & support sport – If we were willing to do the same for our industry, manufacturing and infrastructure maybe our whole economy could return to its place as the third largest in the world

10/08/2012 19:47
The scum bags who keep posting these spams have created accounts a few hours old, so continually ID hopping, MSN should look at content to ban!
10/08/2012 16:28

8 spam, MSN get your act together this is pathetic!

Apart from that, fantastic Olympics, great results from Team GB even the guys who did not get the medals they were going for, all performed superbly!  We are so proud of you all!

10/08/2012 06:34
intense emotional moments.....Thank You
09/08/2012 17:47
Heather Stanninh three silvers????? Get facts/rower right!
great event ! Hopefully during the next olympic games, outside the `western countries`, all nation will have a place in the sun! 
12/08/2012 11:41

Why do a page like this, if it's not going to get updated with the rest of the winners?


Brilliant to see the moment when the athlete realises what has been achieved, but why not complete the job?


Why not update, with the rest of the winners?

11/08/2012 19:19
I don't know why the over the top adulation with Usain Bolt, he just runs 100 & 200 Metres the fastest, his achivement is no better or greater than any other gold medal winner, multi discipline athletes put just as much effort in and should not be judged as second rate competitors.
14/08/2012 00:06

Hope I've got the correct link here:



You may need:  http://  before the address above.

(Copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser.)


Seems a bit messy but you're not allowed to post links!


You can see all the medal winners.


Thanks MSN, or whoever took the time to put it all together.

11/08/2012 18:17
why has Dame Kelly Holmes not been involved in the presenting of the olympics,I have enjoyed the whole 2 plus weeks but wondered why when she was partly instrumental in the bid??
11/08/2012 18:14
as Dame Kelly Homes not been involved in the BBC coverage
09/08/2012 20:51
oooooo that looks like his 'happy' face , im glad thier not showing his bottom half !
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