03/08/2012 20:33 | By Harry Tattersall Smith, contributor, MSN Sport
Men's 100m preview: The fastest men at London 2012

The top contenders for the Olympic men's 100m crown

The fastest men at London 2012 (© STAFF-Reuters)
  • The fastest men at London 2012 (© STAFF-Reuters)
  • Yohan Blake
  • Usain Bolt (© PA Wire)
  • Justin Gatlin (© PA Wire)
  • Asafa Powell (© PA Wire)
  • Keston Bledman (© JUAN CARLOS ULATE-Reuters)
  • Tyson Gay
  • Ryan Bailey (© PA Wire)
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In preparation for the 100m final we look at the contenders vying to be crowned the fastest man on the planet.

Yohan Blake is the fastest man this year and will be Usain Bolt's main rival as he looks to reclaim his title.

Overall, the 100m final offers a realistic chance of being the first Olympic final to see all eight competitors break the 10-second barrier.

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05/08/2012 13:25
Michael Johnston is so knowledgeable it is an honour to have him on the bbc. He talks with wisdom and integrity. A real superstar and gentleman.
05/08/2012 12:36
Seriously what is wrong with MSN, why allow these stupid people advertising in comments and on sports pages, no one cares just remove them
05/08/2012 09:24
Way out there, in a country not far away, is a white man who can run the 100mtrs under 9 seconds. I've seen bag snatchers, and even people running with stolen 55inch tv's fly like cheatahs down high streets of this great country. I think if we could have the high definition tv sprint, or the 200 mtrs microwave dash, then we would produce some unbeatable olympians. Imagine! Giving some charva a gold medal at the start of the race, and telling him that the rest of the competitors were under cover cops. He would come take that gold home, and have it pawned before the others broke a sweat.
05/08/2012 12:44
Hope all the English footballers learn from our Olympian medal winner athletes how to play the game and win......cos they ain't got a clue....losers all of them, shud be ashamed to represent Team GB
05/08/2012 15:02

Wonderfully well done to all our Athletes.  They have put the 'GREAT' back into our flagging BRITAIN.


What an amazing group of young men. They could give the six million dollar man a run for his money.
05/08/2012 14:37
Usain bolt will only loose if he is not 100%.

05/08/2012 00:59
lemaitre didnt enter the 100m, sort it out
05/08/2012 11:52
luv interviews with all olympians all very modest compered to professionals ie football golfers

usain .dont want him to lose but if he does his personality will always be a winner over the rest.and none of them will be rememberd like him.

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05/08/2012 11:24
I am hoping Bolt has been holding back so far and in the semi-final just doing enough to qualify for the final and then he will turn it on and beat Blake and the others to Gold. On the other hand he may not be truly fit and struggle, it is the unknown that gives this race its uniqueness as it is all over so fast.
05/08/2012 17:35
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05/08/2012 13:19
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05/08/2012 09:29

Bradley Wiggins (I am a great admirer of you SIR)  calls for cyclist safety laws.


The Spur (no not SIR)  calls for a licence, insurance and ved (old road tax) for all cyclists.

Cyclists may need some form of safety laws but the way they generally behave they cause more trouble and put other road users into more dangerous situations than is acceptable.


Have you noticed that since a few weeks before the Olympics started there are far more cyclists on the roiad on fast bikes and dressed like a Wiggins or a Hoy trying to emulate their heros??

05/08/2012 19:28
Good luck to all the competitors!  But better luck to TEAM GB :-)
05/08/2012 09:10

What a great relay team the Jamaicans have now. Even the USA have one nigh on as good and what about Trinidad and Tobago?

Where is TEAM GB?? Probably all at the Macdonalds stall getting fatter and fatter instead of fitter and fitter


Dont think Gatlin should be here though....once a cheat always a cheat.

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