27/07/2012 23:09 | By Mike Robinson
Olympic worst opening ceremony costumes

Czech Republic

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The Czechs came dressed for the weather in wellies and brandishing brollies.

28/07/2012 02:15
Stella McCartney should be ashamed of herself. Proves she got the job because of her surname, and I would expect that effort from a first year fashion student. 
28/07/2012 02:11
28/07/2012 02:17
Like her daddy he can't sing and she can't do clothes, he was terrible and by the looks of the kit she must have dug up poor jimmy and nicked his clothes
28/07/2012 03:25
Oh dear, who cares who wears what.. The Mexicans looked great  and so did most of the countries from the South Pacific  The Spaniards had nice red blazers. . Brits were fine - not spectacular. End of story.  Now for the games with the important things..
28/07/2012 08:23
Why is it that only the English will find fault with every occasion. Ok so some of the outfits are not to suit your taste.... Do you have to diss them ?? It is so negative. Why not have a comment under each one pointing out something good instead of ....... A load of Willy wonkas coming in speaking German... Classy comment. Use your intellegence for a change and write something worth while!
28/07/2012 06:52
who cares but i must admit i liked what the torch bearers  were wearing ( black and gold ) outfits 
28/07/2012 09:06
I thought it was fantastic, when it was said it was set around an English country garden everyone groaned, but what a way to go through British History the Steel Works where awesome Even Scotland ,Ireland and Wales got a mention as for there costumes, so what they looked great. As
someone mentioned earlier you cant please them all. So stop moaning and get behind the Athletes.
Only Question I have is,  Why was it spoken in French then English?

28/07/2012 16:31
Jimmy Savill influencing Stella McCartney???! that would be funny... if it was true!! She did NOT design these, she said so herself last night, she has only designed the "performance kits, podium suit and villagewear, not the Olympic ceremony suits" (it's all on her twitter). These tacky things were designed by Next alone, so start getting your facts strait! 
28/07/2012 03:45
Who gives a damn? Jimmy Saville is a British icon who wasn't arsed what other folks thought about his fashion sense. He lived for the moment & never let other people's opinions on his dress sense affect his sense of originality & eccentricity! Let's put media observational opinions to the backround for once & focus on the glory of a great 'Olympic Games opening Ceremony' to be proud of. The athletes (whatever their ethnic/cultural background, or nationality), will do their best no matter what sports gear they wear & prove their worth regardless of anyone's stuck up opinion on fashion, or dress sense (provided it's comfortable & serves it's purpose as effective sports clothing). The Olympics was never supposed to be a fashion parade, so can't we for once look beyond that (quite often) crappy stuck up typical modern trend to pick holes in what's considered 'trendy' (what's hot & what's not) attitude & focus on what the games are really about: The celebration of nations coming together peacefully to engage in competitive sports - with unselfish & unbiassed opinions. A chance for mass nationality sportsmen & sportswomen to show the world their talents, shine for their respective nations & be at liberty to try their hardest, do their best at what they enjoy & what they've worked hard for & ultimately let the best man, or woman win & let them respectively take the credit & glory for their sucess, no matter what clothes they wear! + Anybody who dares criticize should first ask themselves; "Are they a fashion designer themselves?" Why are certain circles so quick to judge & criticize in areas where they don't have personal expertize? Ok,.. Let's have anyone who criticizes present us with their designs that would've been so much better!?!
I must admit the worse two bits of the opening ceremony both had mccartney written all over them, the outfits were really awful my twin granddaughters could have done better and as for him catterwalling it was terrible, those two things spoilt it for me.
28/07/2012 06:18
I'd lost the will to live at that point.......just wanted anyone to light the cauldron
28/07/2012 09:21
28/07/2012 08:49
28/07/2012 09:12
sorry but who really gives a dam what britain did its what they do  now and who gave it all way And why was most of the stuff copied from the Americans olympic opening didn't any one see that.sorry we could have done better for team gb suite crap.
28/07/2012 08:45
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