20/07/2012 08:09 | By Duncan Hooper
Olympics 2012: Team GB athletes show off their kit

Jessica Ennis

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Jessica Ennis has six pairs of footwear for the seven events of the heptathlon. The 200m hurdles and the 100m sprint are the two events where she wears the same trainers

05/07/2012 11:49
Where is the red St Georges' Cross element of the Union Flag in the design - pathetic effort? too PC? colour blind designer? - Hate It.
20/07/2012 07:55
im scottish but its our national flag ... it seems the 'union' flag has now become a racist symbol..... a few weeks ago a child was sent home from school for wearing a primark tshirt bearing a union jack, he was deamed racist! so maybe the olympic team feared the same outcome
05/07/2012 23:32
Where did the traditional Red, White and Blue colours go? Whoever designed this needs their hed seeing too! I'm sure the Queen would never appriciate this pathetic half arsed attempt! All I see is Blue, Blue, Black and White...!
05/07/2012 11:44
would like to see some paralympians? please
06/07/2012 02:34
i believe the olympic kit was designed by stella mcartney.worst one i've ever seen imo.the tracksuits look like shellsuits.the only good point is that i wont be looking at the kit as some of our female olympians are stunners.
20/07/2012 05:40

I proud to be BRITISH but this is the most anti English design the PC lot have agreed to

Also the adidas wrist band ER - BLUE 

Who would wear/ buy these !!

Stella mcartney needs to refund the tax payers money for this RUBBISH !!

So JE has 6 pairs of footwear for her 7 heptathlon events? This is no surprise to anyone who is in athletics. Now Duncan Hooper, it is clear that you are not into athletics otherwise you would not be posting such drivel as the '200m Hurdles' event. Have you combined the 100mH event with the 200m flat? She will tend to wear high jump spikes for the, er, high jump, and javelin boots for the, er, javelin. Both of these events will involve having spikes in the heel as well as the sole of the shoes. Shot Putt again will demand a different trainer with no spikes. Sorry to be so pedantic but some people believe that spikes are worn to this event and also to the Discus and Hammer, where both of these throwing events demand different soles and heels, the former event offering more grip than the latter. So, if you think that it is bad enough for Jessica, think what it will be like for the decathletes! Oh and one last thought to you, Duncan. She will not be wearing ANY trainers to any track event or long jump for that matter. She will be wearing spikes.
20/07/2012 01:12
Yes it was Stella McCartney who designed it.  Its not nice I miss the union jack. 
20/07/2012 10:39
thought it was supposed to be a sporting event, not a fashion show ?
20/07/2012 11:06
maybe that SLUG LORD COE should donate his £350.000 salary to the real heros of these games "THE BRITISH ARMY"
20/07/2012 10:51
Where is David Beckham oh yes I forgot Stuart Pearce thought he would out shine him - so we are left with Bellamy!
20/07/2012 11:25

Never mind the kit, we should get behind team GB! As for Tonia Couch I'd give her a gold medal NOW, absolutely stunning. All the best TEAM GB.

20/07/2012 12:42

To ALL who are complaining of the design of Team GB kit and of missing parts of the flag and who is and who is'nt ( what part of the UK ) represented.....Err…….Look again! The main background of the shirt/vest is WHITE....There’s BLUE (in two shades) along the bottom of the (tops) vests in the "shape" of one corner of the union flag and a RED yoke ~ that's the wee bit aroundthe neck of the tops ~ ......So the outfits are still RED WHITE AND BLUE just a bit more modern design that some see as the union flag and not a design and that the colours have been moved about (the sweatbands has red in the "Olympics 2012" mark ,so they are also red white and blue! ) and the designer is British (Stella McCartney ~ daughter of Sir Paul ~ of the Beatles ) so its not someone who doesn’t know the Flag of the Union or Team GB colours........ Oh and on the arms/shoulders of some tops there's the full tri-colour union flag and it’s also on ALL the track suites.......One must really open ones eyes and not be colour blind because of a design!! (Again if you look at the armed forces UK flag shoulder patch there’s no red, white or blues its ether Green Green and Green or Green and Black! So what is that representative of??)

20/07/2012 10:19
go jessica, hope she gets her gold at the olympics, just wish they wasnt competing is  scottish coloured kit. should of been red white and blue kit , not blue blue blue and a small dash of red, if it wasnt for it being the lovely jess wearing it to be recconised  i wouldnt of noticed which country she was representing.
good job they wrote GREAT BRITON on it as no one would of known.
bad design maybe it was Mac in stella macartney that showed its scottish routes and bias. 1 last hooray for them before the scotts leave the united kingdom.

ennis #1

20/07/2012 10:10
What's all this obsession with the kit? Who cares what they wear. It's about winning, not looking good!!! They should be training, not posing. Another reason why they wont win any medals.
20/07/2012 11:32
Why is there a listing for England ( No 139 after cyprus) on the "histroical list" of medals wins Table and none for Nothern Ireland Scotland or Wales?? I though all of the countries that make up the UK compeat in the olympics as one  that is the  Great Britian team or Team GB!
20/07/2012 10:49
why has the Welsh element of the Union flag been removed in this design? It is attractive but not representative
05/07/2012 11:56
Victoria Pendleton doesn't need to go into modeling after the olympics, I would be quite happy to pay a million quid for one of her old saddles
20/07/2012 10:54
We don't care mofos!  It's not clever to aspire to run fast. Or to spend £50,000 per London Borough on freaking Olympics posters when there are elderly people who can't afford to pay their gas bills. Stop fooking about and focus on things that matter.
20/07/2012 12:54
Are we so ashamed of our history that we have to take the Cross of St George out of the union flag, and replaced it with a black cross? Would any other country on Earth deface their National Flag in this manner and get away with it?
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