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Learn what you can expect from MSN's coverage of London 2012

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MSN will deliver 24-hour Olympics coverage every day of London 2012 through videos, pictures, blogs and live updates. But more importantly we'll be delivering the best bits exactly when you want to see them, how you want to see them.

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its not the games as such its the media hype that gets me, if i want to watch a race i will switch on 2mins before and switch off 1min after ,this applies to all events i do not want to listen to so called experts for hours on end spouting rubbish, the media thinks itself more important than the games<although many athletes are too cosited these days>also the news on television should be about news with  special programmes on after if they want to talk about sport in any length so we do not have to sit through unimportant so called news to get to things that matter
27/07/2012 17:51

Wow, there are some really miserable ****ers posting on here.


First big Sporting Event for GREAT BRITAIN to get since 2002, and only the 3rd since 1966 and all you can do is moan, moan, moan.


Maybe you should all just lock yourselves in a cupboard for 2 weeks, we don't want your sort. 

27/07/2012 12:46
**** britain, **** the Olympics bull****. What a waste of taxpayers money. Lining the riches pockets again. Do gooders
26/07/2012 12:22
What can we expect from MSN re the Olypics? How about their headline 'North Korea in football match walkout'... 'Huge error as South Korean flag is shown by mistake prior to a women's match at Old Trafford'. I had a fuuny feeling that the event took place in Scotland - well OK MSN you may ay Scotland, England but don't let the Scots catch you!
27/07/2012 13:36
Why should we get excited about the Olympics, especially about the opening ceremony, When Team GB can't even be in the country. Their home Olympics and they are in another country. SHAME ON YOU TEAM GB
28/07/2012 01:17

Excellent opening ceremony i really liked it.

The only thing that let it down for me was Paul McCartney trying to sing hey jude.


26/07/2012 11:29
People may think that the Olympics are a once in a lifetime event but I'll tell you what isn't. Signal failures, persons under trains (which we're bound to get more of as overcrowding on platforms increases),cable theft causing major delays on the overground, Traffic chaos caused by broken down HGV's from the continent that are not up to the expected level of reliability and legal condition and the special Olympic lanes for officials, Trains breaking down etc, etc. It's going to be a farce.
26/07/2012 23:36
Absolutely fed up of having this utter crap shoved down our throats every minute of every day...I'll be over the moon when they've all gone back where they came from.
28/07/2012 09:38

Opening ceremony was great .

Disappointed that an American give the torch to Sir Redgrave  Sorry I mean David Beckham.

Delighted that new athletes not all the Lords and Sirs actually got to light the Stadium Torch. But 27 million quid??

27/07/2012 12:59
I wish I could go to sleep and wake up when games are over it is  load of s-it
27/07/2012 14:28

"What to expect from MSN's Olympic coverage"


The same day in day out mundane mind numbing celebrity  bull**** it dishes out everyday but this time with athletes..and if i hear "if you don't like it why don't you leave the country for a few weeks" again.My  response will be the same as usual.Give me a few grand to do it and i will happily be on my way..Just goes to show the people who support it are the ones who are loaded and can make such stupid comments without realising not everyone is as fortunate to up sticks and move out for the duration..Mind you,you'd have to be on another planet to escape this corporate circus...besides being cynical is healthy-it keeps you on your toes.I ain't no f*cking american who'll take any sh*t my goverment will say is good for me,when it clearly isn't.I resent my tax going towards this sh*t!.Let it go towards my local hospital for life support machines anyday.Sport is just not important.

27/07/2012 14:37
Here we go again. how many athletes applied for asylem when the games were in China ???? soft ol UK no probs.. come on the lot of yer!!!!
28/07/2012 11:56
I know a lot of effort as well as money went into the opening, but I found it very dull and dreary and I am sure most of the billions that watched it thought the same, didn't know what half of it was about there were so many milling around,Paul M cCartney was abmisal his singing was all out of tune , time to let go Paul, and can not understand why David Beckham has to be in everything, I am fed up hearing his name, give him his Sir, just what he wants, and let us forget about  him once and for all
27/07/2012 12:08



28/07/2012 00:34
There is a weightlifter at the Olympics who is from my hometown of Holyhead on Holy Island, Anglesey, North Wales. I suppose in a way I hope that he does well for himself because the place I come from is quite disadvantaged and I hope that he shows the people here what he can do and I'm sure he will do us proud as a town and as a community no matter what happens. One doesn't have to be patriotic or nationalistic to support someone in an event like this. Sometimes it is just about being involved or interested. To the people being horrible, there is no need to be so horrible and blasé about it.
27/07/2012 22:23
why do they do the introductions in french  before english?
27/07/2012 12:58

I believe once the games have started, people will start to embrace it and support Team GB, this is a once in a life time event, we should be proud that were hosting it, and it will leave a lasting legacy.


Sick of the people moaning and **** about the games, haven’t they seen the crowds welcoming the Torch around London, even the organisers couldn’t believe the size of the crowds that have turned out to support.


Please remember the Athletes that have sacrifice so mush to get to where they are now to represent their countries, it won’t be a farce, and I’m glad I can say that 4 generations of my family are alive to watch and experience these games.


Enjoy everyone and good luck to team GB.

28/07/2012 07:45
Well done Danny, amazing and moving. The ceremony screamed LOOK AT GREAT BRITIAN, LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO !!! Certainly made me proud to be British. Now come on Team GB !!
26/07/2012 12:28

He has already had his turn when it first arrived in Britain........Surely there is someone else more


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