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Best Olympic Moments 08/08

A spectator carries a programme as fans arrive at the Olympic Stadium for day twelve of the Olympic Games in London.

A spectator carries a programme as fans arrive at the Olympic Stadium for day twelve of the Olympic Games in London. (© PA Wire Press Association Images)
  • A spectator carries a programme as fans arrive at the Olympic Stadium for day twelve of the Olympic Games in London. (© PA Wire Press Association Images)
  • Poland's Piotr Kuleta left leads Mexico's Jose Cristobal into the finish in the men's single canoe B final at Eton Dorney on day twelve of the London 2012 Olympic Games. (© EMPICS Sport)
  • Denmark's mens double kayak pair of Emil Staer and Kim Wraae head out to the practice lake at Eton Dorney on day twelve of the London 2012 Olympic Games. (© EMPICS Sport)
  • Norway's Eirik Veras Larsen celebrates winning gold in the final of the men's single kayak at Eton Dorney on day twelve of the London 2012 Olympic Games. (© EMPICS Sport)
  • Palestine's Woroud Sawalha right competes in the women's 800metre first round at the Olympic Stadium on day twelve of the Olympic Games in London. (© PA Wire Press Association Images)
  • Athletes compete in the womens 800metre first round. (© EMPICS Sport)
  • Kenya's Pamela Jelimo competes in the Women's 800m, Round one, Heat four at the Olympic Stadium, London (© EMPICS Sport)
  • Irish Fans gathered for Ireland's Katie Taylor's bout against Tajikistan's Mavzuna Chorieva in the Women's Light 60 kg Boxing at the ExCel Centre, London. (© PA Wire Press Association Images)
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08/08/2012 18:08

She should be so proud of herself.She represents her country like all the other athletes and her country should be proud too.There is hope in this cruel and crazy world.


08/08/2012 18:24
Well done to the young Palestinian  and Saudi young ladies, you did your countries proud.  It doesn't matter what outfit you wear, you are an Olympian, wear it with pride

Can you please stop your right wing abuse of people that have religious convictions.

Get over it there are religious people in the world and will always be here .


So stop this racist abuse of her and well done to her and congratulations


08/08/2012 18:15
I just hope this young Palestinian lady goes back to her home country and is given the respect she deserves.
That applies to the Saudi girl, Sarah Attar,as well.

08/08/2012 18:07
Perhaps a few American and middle eastern bigots might be forced to realise that Palestine exists after all. Good for Ms Sawalha for putting Palestinian athletics on the map where it should always have been, and refusing to be erased either by other religious groups, or indeed some of her own.
08/08/2012 18:42
Shame on people who are demeaning her religion like this. It was her choice to represent her country and faith. And that too in a country of racist pigs... We are proud of you GIRL, ignore these racists, who can't look past appearances and clothes. SHALLOW materialistic bullies
08/08/2012 17:18
I'm so happy for the palestine woman in the womens 800m. She has proved to her country that women are just as good as men.
08/08/2012 17:36
A proud day for Woroud Sawalha I am sure. Well done to Palenstine
08/08/2012 19:30
Why does religion have to come into it????  Ignorant people on here!! Why cant people be happy for her???
08/08/2012 18:09

Well done to the Palestine woman. Especially for having the guts in such a racist country.

08/08/2012 18:39
 Palestine did and dose exist, Well Done we are proud of you, you have made all Palestinians really Proud.
08/08/2012 21:59
Good for her and great for Palestine. The Palestinians have a country....we just call it Israel these days. If anyone is unaware of why we do this look it up and prepare to be ashamed. After the war and we practically gave the jewish people someone elses country.
08/08/2012 21:26

Good for Palestine's Woroud Sawalha for representing and participating in this amazing international event!! Who care's what she's wearing...remember Cathy Freeman from Australia who wore a full body suit back in the 90's Olympics/Commnwealth Games!! No big deal!!! Peeps just stop the hate and enjoy the games!!!

08/08/2012 19:33
Why do people not get it? Do you have no idea under what Occupation Palestinians live under? That going to the Olympics is a dream? That they have such limited resources and the crap they have to go through by Israeli Authorities to even get a visa to leave their own homeland? Going to Occupied Palestine I have seen for myself what they have to put up with on a daily basis. The most pettiest of harrassment by Israel's forces just to give them a hard time because they are Palestinians. This woman is truely a symbol of hope. They are a proud people and they stand up for what they feel and be true to themselves, that includes covering up. Not every Palestinian chooses to, but she does. She is not oppressed because of her clothes. She is oppressed because of the conditions that she and her family must live under. You ask her yourself.
09/08/2012 03:29
Dear Sirin

I am a young muslim woman. I am also a barrister. It is frustrating when a person judges the law of England and Wales without actually knowing what it says. It is also frustrating when a person judges Shariah (islamic) law without knowing what it says.

Before Islam, a woman was legally considered the property of her husband. A woman in Islam keeps her own name, her own property, has the right to choose her husband, earn and keep her own money and is allowed to divorce. Although it is best avoided, divorce is a right in Islam not afforded to women in some other religions.

If a woman does not wish to be part of a marriage contract involving polygamy, she may state that her husband must divorce her first, before marrying again, as one of the conditions of her marriage contract. 

This puts her in the same position as any other woman whose husband cheats on her or leaves her for another woman under English law. The difference being that under Shariah law, the man must divorce her first if he is unhappy before having sexual intercourse with another woman. The woman is also entitled to divorce him if she is unhappy.

Regarding the hijab (head scarf). It is simply another form of dress to cover another part of one's body. Like you would cover your chest or stomach. You don't need to wear it in front of your husband, father, brother, son or any female, God says in the Quran:

"....Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should cast their cloaks over their bodies (when outdoors) so that they be recognised (as decent and pure believers) and not molested" Quran 33:59

The prophet said: 'The most perfect amongst believers in faith is the best in conduct. And the best of you is the best to his wife'.

It is important to Judge any religion on it's teachings and not on the actions of those who claim to be of a faith they do not actually follow. 

I would suggest you read articles by Yvonne Ridley. She is a western journalist who converted to islam AFTER reading the quran. She has written for The Times, The Observer, The Mirror and other papers both before and after conversion. 

I hope you gain more knowledge and however much our opinions may differ, i wish you all the best for your future.


08/08/2012 16:55
why do the moderators continue to allow all these spam ads? sometimes there is more spam thaqn comments!
Im Proud Of You Really... Show's You Countries Under That Amount Of Pressure Can Still Stand Up For Their Country :)
08/08/2012 19:08
Lovely to see a girl like this compete in the olympics. Shame about the comments of some very ignorant people on here - we did you get 'it was either that or stoning to death' from? lol. This girl chooses to wear those clothes and it is her right to choose - most of the muslim women in this olympics actually were not covered like the swimmer for Qatar - in a normal swimming costume - because it is not her choice to cover. The Qatari shooter however was covered. The only one told to cover was Sarah Attar as she does not normally cover.

Not many people have the strength these days to stand up for what they believe in when faced with a big wall of criticism and abuse - this girls got strength.

And of course there is still a country offically known as Palestine - another very ignorant remark which these places are usually full of.

So I guess page 3 is respectful to women? Funny vision of what respect is.

09/08/2012 00:02

Well done to her. Must have taken hard work and determination. She has achieved something most of us only dream about.

As a comment on the outfit issue. I do think the outfits the athletes are wearing are getting too skimpy. Of course she is allowed to run in a pair of running leggins and a long sleeve top. London is cold when you come from Palestine. It is not like she is running in a full hijab. Lighten up, guys!!!

08/08/2012 20:55

This girl is running like this because of her own religious beliefs. If she wanted to dress different she could have. Look at all the other Muslim girls from Tunisia, Turkey, and Ethiopia etc. Look at the marathon runners some of the top girls are Muslim. With this girl she is running during the holy month of Ramadan.  She is a brave woman who is simple put, religious. Out of interest we keep hearing the theme tune for Chariots of Fire. Does the name Eric Henry Liddell ring any bells? The Scottish athlete who in 1924 ran only for the glory of god and would not run on the Sabbath??????  Or are we suggesting we have an atheist Games for those who find athletes with religious beliefs offensive. .

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