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Team GB performances on day four

Team GB beat Brazil 1-0 at Wembley

Samantha Houghton scores for Team GB againhst Brazil (© Adam Davy/PA Wire)
  • Samantha Houghton scores for Team GB againhst Brazil (© Adam Davy/PA Wire)
  • Team GB lose 3-0 in men's volleyball (© PA)
  • Miley finishes in seventh (© PA)
  • Willis qualifies for final in third place (© PA)
  • Jamieson breaks record in semi-final (© PA)
  • Jemma lowe through to final (© PA)
  • Caitlin Mcclatchey finishes seventh (© PA)
  • Win for British hockey team
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Although both teams had already qualified for the quarter-finals, Tuesday night's match at Wembley was anything but a dead rubber. Both teams took an unbeaten record into the match but only Team GB came out with theirs still in tact. Samantha Houghton's goal in the second minute gave Team GB the win and crucially a potentially easier route through the knockout stages.

31/07/2012 18:34

How pathetic!!!  If you knew your history influencer Dev [or anything for that matter] you would know that George I [the first Hanoverian King] traced his inheritance from his grandmother, Elizabeth Stuart, the daughter of James I and Anne of Denmark. James I traced his inheritance through his great-grandmother Margaret Tudor who was the daughter of Henry VII and the sister of Henry VIII.  They traced their inheritance from Edward III.   


Back in history we very invaded by Romans, Vikings and Norman French [who had Viking ancestors] and Germans who came over to England with the Hanoverians so, given that these people  all integrated with the native population how do you know you don't have as much German blood as Zara Phillips [or Italian, or Danish or French for that matter!]. 


Also, grammatically, Zara Phillips can't "go back" to Germany because she wasn't born there she was born in England from English parents from English Grandparents etc etc etc.


She, and the rest of the team, have won a silver medal for England - not Germany as her parents won olympic medals for England not Germany in their time. 


What a moron!

31/07/2012 18:16
that last person should be digusted with themselves zara is competing for ENGLAND, you should be praising her.. she isnt bigheaded she is herself...
31/07/2012 20:55
Zara Philips deserves all the praise she can get. Like her mother Princess Royal and Her Majesty
the Queen she works hard for the country. Also, morons, Princess Anne wouldn't have her family
accept any royal title. Also congrats to Team GB.

31/07/2012 19:49
As usual we have moronic idiots on here who no nothing. Phillip duke of edinburgh's mother was Greek. His Father was NOT Germanic they were Normanic. The Present queens Mother was Scottish. We ALL that are english born NOT true english. The only true english are the welsh. They emigrated when this country was invaded. As we have been many times. We are descended from the Saxons (as was the royals) the vikings and Romans. What is your colouring? Blonde your saxon, Red (titian/aurburn) The Vikings, Dark haired could be Romans or celts.  Another info is the true scots are the Irish. We are a very mixed up race. So watch who you are calling Huns or Germans in a derogatory way, for you could be calling yourself.  I would call you absolute bigoted illiterate, ill educated and informed  I D I O T S
31/07/2012 18:29
Congrats Zara, well done on your performance for GB
31/07/2012 19:15

Oh dear - you've done it again Steven.  The Huns did not originate from Germany.  The Huns were a nomadic [not Germanic] tribe.  Atilla the Hun got his name from the name for the Volga River which was Atil and Atilla means "man from the Volga."


As I said you could have a little bit of Saxon in you and you just wouldn't know.  Ancestry.com and Genes Reunited don't have records for a time when written records just weren't kept.  Won't that be a shock to your xenophobic system!!!

01/08/2012 00:30

In reply to Sarah apart from  ONE error my spelling was correct. I probably learnt english before you were born and in my era we were taught to spell correctly or get our hands slapped. I think someone in their 70's SHOULD be forgiven ONE little mistake. Look at your missive too, you have written ( GB have  done done so well ) hardly correct so don't criticise me.   Now get it right I was NOT knocking the Olympics which I love, nor any events. Where tell me do I say that?  I too enjoyed the Equestrian ( the correct term for what you called eventing)  What was your point in having a go at me. I WAS HAVING A GO AT THE IDIOTS WHO WERE SLAGGING OFF OUR QUEEN. If you have a problem with that, then you are as bad as they are. And the word was NORMANIC Not nomadic  totally different.

Well said Lena & Maggie

31/07/2012 21:05
Well done GB we love our medals and you have done beautifully.  You are great.  ****
31/07/2012 20:38
well done team GB no all about one person
31/07/2012 20:25
Well done Team GB

31/07/2012 22:18

.....my God there are some idiotic un balanced views on here.  If you are going to make any serious point, use the correct information and also make an intelligent argument otherwise you show yourself as un- educated and in many cases very un- patriotic.  Even if you don't like the Olympics or what they stand for , some of the comments(very badly written spelt and un- grammatical) made me laugh out loud.  There is nothing worse than inverted snobbery....as shown by those who clealry don't appreciate the riding skills of our GB team.  ......and no, the horses are not badly treated,  They looked superb and in the very best condition. I suppose you dislike rowing, sailing, fencing for the same reasons???......


Maggie F


31/07/2012 20:22

reading the unpatriotic and revolting comments on this blog makes me realise we must get shot of these pig ignornant peasant celtic gits who clearly should go back to the bogs that they come from and BOG OFF! they couldnt support themeselves for 5 minutes without hard earned english money that we pay in to support them . we dont want you here to sponge off our social welfare system and take our jobs and insult our queen.

i say hurray to the prowess of the riding team and well done for that fantastic silver.

31/07/2012 20:04

Weightlifter Gareth Evans is from the same town as myself and I must say its nice to see a local lad doing well :)

31/07/2012 23:18
I horse ride, but these people are AMAZING, and so are the horses ♥ So proud of them all (: x
31/07/2012 20:55
Just to reply to Exballroomer... Before you you call anyone illiterate or any other profoundment, may I suggest you read what you write and correct all the incorrect spelling/grammatical mistakes you have made: ie it is know not no!!!  GB eventing team have done done so well over what was a very long few days and regardless of anything praise must be given to the horses who have jumped their socks off!!! WELL DONE THE EVENTING TEAM!
31/07/2012 19:27

Steven and  Influencer Dev - Whilst I enjoy a debate I never indulge in a battle of wits with  unarmed men! 

01/08/2012 17:35
So we now have Ljfisherson, Dev thingy and Plain Jane ranting and moaning.  If you disagree with either the games, or the athletes why don't you go and protest publicly and see how long you last!  It would at least give the rest of us some respite from your inane, pointless drivel!
31/07/2012 22:50

Games have been decent, we're not doing too badly and plenty of effort from the team...  but we can top with the Team GB nonsense - we'r Great Britain not some youth club. Small thing I know, but what's with the name??  Even the football commentators are 'down with it' and it's just embarassing.  Like an un-cool Dad!  Next thing you know kids at school will think that Team GB is the actual name and Geography lessons will need to change :)

01/08/2012 17:29
Well done to the team, just a shame about the penalty as that would have taken  the pressure off for the rest of the game.  Great team spirit and commitment, wish the men were as up for it!
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