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Team GB watch: London 2012 day 11

Men's hockey

Men's hockey
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GB's men's hockey team eased to a 1-1 draw with Spain that sees them into the semi-finals.

07/08/2012 18:20
for f#cks sake if your all so lonely get of the computer and p=ss off down the pub
07/08/2012 20:12
MSN you should be embarrased that you're so bl**dy incapable of controlling spam, & big congrats to team G.B.
07/08/2012 19:47
It is wonderful to see a very small country win so many medals, GB must be so proud!!!!!!!!! wonderful to see so many young people compete and win.  Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

And enough of dating agencies it is so very boring.  Spam mail should be deleted immediately.
07/08/2012 19:22
This is bloody ridiculous 6 out of 7 posts for dating and nothing to do with topic. Sort it MSN, you are losing credibility.
08/08/2012 00:07
Time people forgot about silly footballers who fall over and cry if they mess up their hair,,,,,,,,,,,,,our country now has "Real" sports people to admire....the ones that work hard in their own time to be better people and achieve to be the best,,,,,,and not on 100 grand a week.
The games have proved that real people who care and have passion can win,,,,,,,,,,,,they have taken the world on at the highest level and show them,,,,,,,,,they are there with the best.
I`m so proud of all the athletes in whatever sport they have taken up and worked on to make this the best games for medals we have ever had.These are the people kids should look up to and want to be.
Over paid football pricks have had their day,,,,,,,,,we all know they are just over paid no ones,who just kick a ball about for money,win or lose,they`ll never have the guts to have a go and do us proud.

The games have proved it,,,,,,,,,,,respect to all,apart form the mens football ponces,,,,,,,,,,,,,you have done us and yourselves proud,,,,,you are all gold

07/08/2012 20:10

Out of the pictures above, one thing is blatantly clear they all, apart from Idowu and the footballers performed superbly.  Only complaint is that Victoria Pendleton was cheated out of her final gold - how can you have a sport where she is illegally barged during a race, knocking her off the race line and she gets penalised - crazy!


Hope that the footballers are forced to apologise to the country, as well as Idowu for messing everyone about and preventing others from taking his place!

07/08/2012 23:51
Britain we have something to be really Proud of 22Gold Medals Amazing'''It is such a Pity that Our Footballers are not as Dedicated as our Athletes are in all walks of Life'''they  Definately do not deserve the Extortionate amounts of Money The Get''well done Great Britain''Proud to be British''
08/08/2012 00:21
So someone explain why footballer are so highly overpaid? These People can do with the extra income more, all these years of sacrifice and dedication...:( Go Team GB!
08/08/2012 00:27

i was rather dissapointed in a recent tv ad to see such a difference made between TEAM GB and the paralympic team


as far as i am concerned they are ALL TEAM GB whether able bodied or competing in the paralympics


and i cetainly admire the guts and courage that the paralympians show and they should be given more coverage than they get

08/08/2012 01:10
Well, our olympians have stood proud n have won medals. Our footballers have been a complete embarrasment. , No need to say anymore. The Brownlee bros live in the family house in Bradford n have a Gold n Bronze on the Breakfast table. Well at least Footie GB still have their Bentleys................
07/08/2012 19:31
I just reported them as spam,,,,,,,,,,they`re all over the place with MSN,,,, a right pain.

Anyways,,,,Team GB is nailing it big time,,,,going to be a problem for the BBC when it comes to sports personality at the end of the year,,,,,the whole team should win it for all the effort they`ve put in :):)

08/08/2012 00:56

Have to say never been that fond of "anything sporty" have only got slighty excited in the footy (only to be dissapointed after the first round!) but this Olympics has been so eventful, so exciting, so all involving that I have been glued to the tv/computer/iphone!! I have always been proud of GB but never more so than now! I have never known a time when my whole family - parents & children (especially teenagers!!) have had such a common bond - overheard my 15 year old say "I am so proud to be British! brought a tear to my eye! 2012, for me (and I hope) for the whole of GB! it should make us think - as a very small island - we are still a major force - the fact that we have people like Mo farah - who (like my grandad) have made this country their own and unite us all  should make us all the more proud!

07/08/2012 22:47

How come msn removed the spam button ?  Maybe spam posters are msn  employees.  Just a thought.

Well done to team GBR. Fantastic work from all our athletes,trainers,families and support staff.


07/08/2012 22:24

It used to be nice venting anger at the government,debating topical items  and giving praise or condolences via msn. Now it is full of silly people and msn will NOT get it sorted.


Answer ? intelligent users boycott msn .


Well done to team GBR. Fantastic work from all our athletes,trainers,families and support staff.


07/08/2012 20:01

Welcome to Spamalot.


What a joke the moderators are.

07/08/2012 23:12
This only applies to the ABLE BODIED team who for a change have actually not shown that they are average at best in most sports, please if you will look at the PARA-OLYMPIC teams medal lists you will see that they are far more decorated with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Alot of the team have had to over come more than an able bodied person has to so that they can be the worlds best at their sport, but you wont see them on god knows how many channels like we have had over the last 14 days and you wont see them on the News or in the papers nearly as much as the Team GB have been as still it seems they are classed as second class and are still treated with the ****ty side of the brush and are swept into the side line. P.S My wife is a wheelchaor user ( not a wheelchair as people say still !! ) and if she had not become very ill she could very well have been at the olympics, so I have first hand knowledge and experiance in the way she is treated and other people we know that are Disabled.
08/08/2012 04:14

I agree with Shane Tyson and many others, the comments that have nothing to do with the subject should be removed and the people posting these comments barred from using the service.. There are enough dating places on the web or places to offer other services. But does MSN care. NO


I also think that the people who write the comments/headlines should get things into perspective.


Yes team GB have done magnificent and I applaud ALL the athletes, they have done the country proud by competing, winning a medal or not. I feel though for the athletes as although home support can be good it can also bring a lot more pressure to do well. the countries expectations must be a huge  burden on the shoulders of team GB athletes.


I would though like to see some praise for the trainers/coaches/backup staff who get the athletes to the standard they need to compete, without them there would be no medals. It is all too often that the headlines go to the athletes but none to the people who worked so hard to get them to where they are. So from me well done to all the support staff.


It is great that we have won more gold medals this time than any other olympics since 1908 but one must also except that there are now a lot more events to compete in, so one would hope, (though not expect)  for an increase in medals won.



07/08/2012 20:02
Amazing, if you click on "make a complaint" radio button to MSN, it cannot connect!

Above all I like the medals table....




Not poxy 'United Kingdom'. Always hated that UK tag we've had.


GB - Lets keep it going! Same as the sticker on my car's back bumper.

07/08/2012 22:41
I think it's a case of the 'nonsense' being spam.

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