06/08/2012 18:55 | By Duncan Hooper
Team GB's Olympic medals

Gold 29; Silver 17, Bronze 18

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The athletes that have won glory for Team GB.

09/08/2012 20:45

Wonderful efforts and compulsive viewing.

When the athletes are interviewed, isnt it  refreshing how humble, dedicated and grateful they are for all the support of their families .


Overpaid, underperforming, swaggering premiership footballers - please note!!!!!

09/08/2012 20:22

Whether the athletes got medals or not, they all showed dedication, perseverance, courage and sheer bl*ody mindedness over four years to get here, they all deserve our praise and applause for such a spectacular games.


Well done all of you!

09/08/2012 19:47
Congratulations to all athletes,even those who were way behind, they showed courage in even finishing their events. Thankyou for all your really hard work which has given millions of people great pleasure. Good fortune to you all for the future.
10/08/2012 00:23

I am not interested in the whinging. I have found the games to be a heart-warming experience. I actually found myself returning to work last Monday feeling uplifted and it was entirely due to the Olympics. There have been so many wonderful stories about the individuals who have taken part and achieved their life’s goals. I have sat and watched them strive to win, urging them on wishing them all the best, willing them with all my heart. I have sat and felt my eyes brimming with scalding tears and I have relished their successes. God bless them all. To those who are now retiring, thank you for your amazing efforts. To those who are just starting out and this was your debut, I will be watching and wishing you all the best at the Rio Olympics. To all of you who took part whether you won a medal or not, thank you for your magnificent efforts and again if you are at the Rio Olympics, I will be wishing you all the very best success. Thank you all, a thousand times thank you for a magnificent event, it would not have been the same without you. 

09/08/2012 22:02
Well done to all of Team GB you have made this Olympics one we will always remember.
09/08/2012 19:28

It lifts peoples spirits to see the team GB doing so well. Makes me want to take up a sport now.But dont know which one!

10/08/2012 08:00
Forget fake celebrities and reality shows. These sports women and men are true role medals of today. Well done to all. I have never watched so much of an Olympics and had so much national pride. Hope this inspires the next generation too.
09/08/2012 23:21
It makes you feel proud to be British the team has done a fantastic job and has helped the  British people from lands end to John Ogroats. The hard work and dedication from all our sports men and women  three cheer's to you all god bless
10/08/2012 00:07
A great big well done to ALL team GB for putting your all into it, and a big thank you to all the other countries who also helped make this the most amazing experience.
07/08/2012 18:17
ok so only 8 golds to catch the yanks.COME ON TEAM GB.
10/08/2012 07:06
I'm 18 and I can't help but feel that these athletes are the true role models for young kids today. I had to chose at 9 years old if I wanted to stay doing Taekwondo or football and regrettably I chose football. A sport where it was impossible for me to get anywhere in and one with very poor role models. If only I stuck with Taekwondo, who knows, I could have been just as an inspiring role model as Jade Jones who won our first ever gold in the sport. Nevertheless, I think all of the British athletes at the London Olympics have made us immensely proud (medal or not) and I can only hope that they go on to inspire a young generation into making the right choices. 
06/08/2012 13:18

The Gold Rush is coming!

YAY GB!!!!!!!!!

09/08/2012 23:03

So very proud of this young horse and rider combination,what a wonderful result all round for our equestrian teams.


12/08/2012 18:46
Why wait until another Olympics... keep that Union Jack Flying all over our Country... the symbol of Britishness our Team GB gave us back the pride in our Country.. let the world know that this is what we are a Team of Winners who are proud of what and who we are.
13/08/2012 02:14
L J FISHERSON  You sick twisted little hate filled ball of spineless slime .  I see your previous comment about you being glad about what happened to gary barlow . If you dont like this country or the west then fine P.I.S.S. OFF and leave us be . If you have a gripe with the tax dodgers then fine complain all you want . But to wish an unborn child dead in my and many others eyes is just the lowest of the low that you can say . FCUKING WHINGING LEFTIE . You would not have the balls to say that to gary barlows face . He would tear your ugly face off and shove it up your cowardly a.r.s.e . As for the athletes at london 2012 from all over the world . Well done to you all . Even making it to the olympic games is a mean feat in itself . Be glad at this happy event , all to often all we watch on tv is bad news and doom and gloom .
10/08/2012 18:54
Well Team GB it has been the first time I have watched every day... You have done the UK proud!
No more are we behind all of the Bigger teams and Countries we are up there with them.
Well done again.  You deserve all the tributes you get..

10/08/2012 05:33
08/08/2012 13:27
best yet?  go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/08/2012 20:35

remember those who also tried and took part. Ready to step up to the challenge you all did so very well.


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