04/08/2012 22:21 | By MSN Sport
The greatest day in British Olympic history

Six golds in 24 hours, and it didn't stop there

The greatest day in British Olympic history in pictures (© Reuters)
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04/08/2012 23:54
Fantastic olympian Jessica you have done your country proud and made us proud to be Brtish Many congratulatons and to the rest of Team GB
05/08/2012 01:49
well done. Mohamed farah you have done your country proud and made us proud to be Brtish Many congratulatons and to the rest of Team GB.
05/08/2012 01:08
Comment @ Anok4u2 - the only pathetic prat around here is you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/08/2012 00:38
Congrats Jess, stunning performance and did Great Britain proud. well done indeed
05/08/2012 05:25
Those girls doing the cycling were absolutely magnificent, there they were in the final, they damn well nearly caught the Americans going round the track! I half expected to see robots when they finally showed their faces, there they were, just 3 bubbly girls giggling away. It was a case of the last 6 times they've cycled this race, they've broken the world record!!! They're just SO far ahead of any other team. They will be my outstanding memory of these games. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
05/08/2012 07:24
P.S Just a shame our over paid footballers couldn't represent our country with the same dedication and pride our athletes do.

05/08/2012 05:37

It was a shame our namby pamby,over paid footballers, didnt perform like the rest of the G.B. squad,   maybe it was pay back time, for those players who would not sing the national anthem, saying that they were from another country, and not part of G.B. sorry for all those who were proud to be chosen to play.

05/08/2012 00:37
Well Done to Our Six Gold Medal Stars today we are now IN THE TOP 3'''yee haa'''All their hard work and Sheer Determination has made Great Britain a very Proud Country Also something to go Down in History''Amazing Acheivements well done One and all''Makes us Proud to Be British''

Jess you;re a star+  Smile say's it all. I new you could do it from the start. X


05/08/2012 00:50
what a wonderful day for the team GB these wonderful and talented athletes deserve all honours also  the back up people it really does make one proud this being the best olympics for 104 years for england congratulations to all team GB and godbless you all
All the footballers who wanted to represent TEAM GB,  but didn't want to sing the anthem that represents TEAM GB  in all sports should be ashamed of their petty behaviour. The down part of the UK Team was a few footballers bad attitude.
05/08/2012 00:35

What a beautiful sight! our golden girl with gold a brilliant performance from our jess.



05/08/2012 01:20
I think our team is doing brilliantly, especially when you consider how much money other countries spend on their spotsmen and women. WELL DONE ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE TAKEN PART SO FAR & GOOD LUCK TO THEM YET TO GO.
05/08/2012 07:21
An amazing day, evening for British Olympics all these athletes have showed true determination, passion they have made a whole country proud to raise the union flag.
Be in the water, on a bike  on their feet they are truly great Olympians , lets hope it continues! with all the misery in the World its great that we have a couple of weeks where all the Countries come together.
Sebastian Coe you are to be celebrated for all your hard work . 
05/08/2012 07:19
Well done to a great, GB performance. You all have something to be proud of and for such a small country we are one of the biggest in the olympics.

05/08/2012 01:25
great day for britains finalists...

also well done to andy murray and laura robson... thats at least another 2 silver medals in the bank... the olympics has really picked up the last 48 hrs... britain sitting comfortably 3rd in the table is a remarkable achievement..

really pleased with the northern ireland performers too... for both britain and ireland.. they have outdone themselves

05/08/2012 02:12

Well done..amazing performance..all your hard work has paid off!!!!  and I dont care what type of school you went to


05/08/2012 00:24
Well done Jess11  The football team could have learnt a few lessons from your dedication.
05/08/2012 08:28
Just great,  all our athletes,  all the events.  Great stuff.   Jessica Ennis for president!
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