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Usain Bolt powers to Olympic 100m title

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Jamaican sprinter retains his Olympic 100m title

Usain Bolt fulfilled his dream of becoming a "legend" of the sport by successfully defending his Olympic 100 metres title in stunning style in London.

The Jamaican athlete was only fifth quickest out of the blocks but was quickly into his running and stormed to victory in 9.63 seconds, the second quickest in history and an Olympic record. Only Bolt himself has run quicker with his world record of 9.58secs set in winning the world title in Berlin in 2009.

Reigning world champion and training partner Yohan Blake took silver in 9.75secs to equal his personal best, with 2004 Olympic champion Justin Gatlin taking the bronze in 9.79secs.

The first seven men all broke 10 seconds, but the chances of all eight doing so for the first time ever were ruined when the unfortunate Asafa Powell, the third Jamaican in the final, suffered an injury shortly before the line and limped home in 11.99secs.

Bolt said he knew from his run in the heat he was in the right kind of form to win the title, and he told BBC1: "I was happy. When I went out in the first round I felt I could do this. I was slightly worried about my start, I didn't want to false start again.

"I think I sat in the blocks a little bit so I don't think it's the best reaction in the world but I executed and that was the key. My coach said, 'stop worrying about the start, the best part of your race is at the end, that's where you rule'.

Usain Bolt celebrates his 100m victory (© Reuters)

"So I stopped worrying about the start and I executed."

Asked about the people who had doubted him, Bolt said: "I'm not concerned. I've said it from the start, people can talk, all they can do is talk. I tell you people that when it comes to the championships it's all about business to me and I brought it."

Bolt enjoyed the atmosphere of the Olympic Stadium, and he added: "It was wonderful. I knew it was going to be like this. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that it was going to be loud and it was going to be great and you can feel that energy. So I feel extremely good and I'm happy."

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05/08/2012 23:37

This is about the BOLT not the crap that keeps coming from a select few  a**holes.

Stop using this as a cheap advertising site and stick to the subject.


Well done the BOLT. You are terrrific and there is nobody who can match you on an even playing field. You are the master on the track and the master off it as well. Keep it up we love your terrific exhibitions.

06/08/2012 09:22

It's great to see Yohan Blake's genuine happiness for his team mate winning gold.This is the true spirit of the olympics, well done to both . Jamacia Rule..................

05/08/2012 23:45
Congratulations to ALL the athletes taking part, including the swimmer Michael Phelps. Very happy to see Usain Bolt electrify the stadium, and ALL viewers around the world.
06/08/2012 05:47

Usain Bolt

Yohan Blake

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce



06/08/2012 09:07

A brilliant race Usain, you make all us Jamaicans proud omg!!! The person below talking about "maybe it's something in their herbal tea"; you must be an idiot!!! The guy is a naturally gifted sprinter, who is simply brilliant at his art... For those who don't know, in Jamaica athletics is encouraged as early as infant school where children compete in sports day etc so love for the sports and determination to develop the skill and do well starts early.... all these Jamaicans who are making us Jamaicans exceptionally proud started off possibly in Primary school, through to secondary, tertiary education... and that's why they are so good.. not because of drugs.. or as you said "something in their herbal tea".. they are naturally brilliant athletes. We love you Usain xx Something to promote our little Island home positively.. Oh wow, what a race!!!!

05/08/2012 23:27
Great race but did anyone notice the beer bottle that was thrown at the athletes, landing just behind the blocks, just before the start? Probably a Banker!
06/08/2012 07:45
To imy zaky                                                                                                                                            The thumbs down are not for WHAT youre saying but WHERE you are saying it. Please don't spoil the celebrations of somebodys success with the actions of others. As for being hypnotised and brainwashed by the olympics,isn't it better to be led into sport rather than killing?  
06/08/2012 09:50
Brilliant race and I am even more delighted to see Bolt and Blake celebrate in harmony. This is the true spirit of the games and what the Olympics is all about.  

Keep it up in the 200m boys! 

Once again these guys shows that sports can unite the world.
06/08/2012 08:31
Absolutely brilliant Usain!!   Now let's see a repeat in the 200m.  x 
06/08/2012 09:57
A great pity that politicians from all over the world do not behave in the same way as Teams from all over the world do at the Olympics.
06/08/2012 10:12




06/08/2012 11:35
Usain Bolt is a complete legend and amazing athlete! COME ON BOLT!!
Cant wait for the 200 metres.   Such a thrilling sprinter to watch!
06/08/2012 11:53

I am so proud, well done team jamaica, A nice touch for our  50th jamaica independance today.

Jamaica to the world x

06/08/2012 13:16

Looking for love, seeking a friend, blah blah blah.


Why don't these sad losers just p1ss off and stop clogging up these boards with their cr4p.



06/08/2012 08:20

Usain is a naturaly gifted 100m runner and is the best ever. If he had the facilities similar to the uk he could run below 9.5. Well done Usain , Marvelous performance..........

06/08/2012 11:42

Excellent, mind blowing, tremendous and enjoyable performance of Usain Bolt. A genius and champion chiseled out after immense hard work and discipline. In this hour of glory, I feel thrilled for him.

06/08/2012 10:58

It was a moonlit night in old London Town. I was watching the Olympics on my TV alone between 9.45pm & 10.00pm. Suddenly, I saw a flash of thunderbolt across my TV screen.  And what do you know; Just like Speedy Gonzales, Usain Bolt came home!

La la la...la la la la la la la la...la la la la la la la la...la la la la la la la la...

06/08/2012 11:09

Showmanship and a great, drug-free talent, who has captured the hearts of sports fans throughout the world, particularly in this country,  how the Americans must hate the Jamaicans! makes me proud, as for kissing your a**** Ed Anthony.  He's more likely to put his foot in it!

06/08/2012 01:34
I agree. Watching Mo and Jessica Ennis was better but Usain Bolt is definately the man. You cant't really compare it. Good times all round its fair to say!!

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