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Sports Personality of the Year: MSN's writers give their views

The BBC have announced that the shortlist for Sports’ Personality of the Year will be extended from 10 people to 12 due to the amount of incredible achievements in 2012.

So we asked out columnists the very tough question of who would get their vote.

Let us know in the comments below who you think should win…

James Haskell: Bradley Wiggins
It's very difficult. So many sportsmen and women have acheived great things this year.

Bradley Wiggins (© PA)

I'd like to give it to Mo Farah for pulling off a double that's never been done before but the acheivemment of winning the Tour de France is simply so special and then to get gold at the Olympics really caps it off so Wiggins gets my vote.

In such a special year I don't know why they don't do a joint one or do a few. If I were the BBC I would change the rules: how do you differentiate between sportsmen and women who have done so much in such different disciplines?

Iain MacIntosh: Andy Murray
It's the most crowded field since the Grand National. I don't think anyone will get more than 5% of the vote. For me, it's been a different answer every week. A couple of weeks ago it would be the cyclist with the sideburns but this morning after staying up until 2am I've been swayed by a Scottish tennis player who's so good he won over the English.

Andy Murray (© PA)

The 76-year thing - people have been born lived and died in the time it's taken for a British man to win a major - is the clincher for me. You can throw around the 'once in a lifetime acheivement' phrase but this really is it.

And what makes last night so special is that he looked like he was going to screw it all up but came back to win in a fifth set as both men were falling to pieces. Then there is his personal turnaround - a year ago he was just grumpy scotsman and now people from all parts of society genuinely like him. Not just because he's winning, but because he's stuck to his guns and been himself and showed the world that personality is not about cheesy grins in photoshoots.

Darren Gough - David Weir
It's been a fantastic summer of sport. I really think there should be a separate award for the Olympians because how can anybody complete with them this year.

David Weir (© PA)

Rory McIlroy has four wins on the US PGA; Andy Murray makes a Wimbledon final and then wins his first major (with an Olympic gold on the way) but in a full field neither would get my vote. The person who's inspired me the most is David Weir - the Weirwolf.

I've been amazed by what he did. The 1,500m, the 5,000m, the 800, and then two days later he won a marathon. Absolutely fantastic! Talk about inspiring a generation and showing anything is possible. He definitely opened my eyes to what the human body can do.

Matt Porter - Bradley Wiggins
Because there's more to him than just being a cyclist and I'm choosing to place importance on the 'P' word in the award title.

Bradley Wiggins (© PA)

You can't knock the acheivements of so many others but Wiggins has probably hit more sections of society.

The cycling buffs will respect his reslience and mental toughness in the world's toughest race but to follow that up on home soil with the pressure from the British crowds is immense.

Dermot Gallagher
I haven't let my heart outrule my head but there are two sportswomen who have really stood out for me.

Jesssica Ennis and Ellie Simmonds lit up their respective competitions with their performances and their personalities.

Jessica Ennis (© PA)

They both had that infectious smile that summed up the spirit of the Olympics and saw success in a range of different events.

When Ellie won she had it and when she had to settle for silver or bronze she was just as delighted.

But if I had to go for one it would be Jess, because of the pressure she was under, because of the complexity of her sport and the way she finished in such style.

Iain Spragg: Mo Farah
I think I'd probably have to go Mo.

Mo Farah (© PA)

For the pure thrill and entertainment value of his two gold medal races and breaking Kenyan and Ethopian stranglehold on the 5,000m and 10,000m.

But Wiggins would be a very strong second.

Matt Holland
My top three, in order are Wiggins, Murray and Farah.

Bradley Wiggins (© PA)

No Brit has ever even come close on the Tour de France - to win it is exceptional then doing the Olympics too means Wiggins really stands out.

It's definitely the best and most competitive Spoty I have ever known and it could take a week to film but for the total dedication and length of time and stamina it takes to complete the Tour, let alone win it, I'd go with Bradley.

12/09/2012 13:11

Leave Andy Murray alone PB.   Not everyone has a gregarious personality.   There do happen to be those in this world who are shy.   It is so obvious that Andy is uncomfortable during interviews, that is just his nature.   It would seem that some expect every sports person to have huge grins on their faces all the time to be considered 'acceptable'.    The man is a great personality, as can be attested to by those who know him personally.   His achievement is phenomenal and he deserves every success.

12/09/2012 14:22

What's with the negative energy about Andy Murray being Scottish?

It is the British Broadcasting Company Sports Personality Awards is it not?

And is not Britain made up of England, Ireland (N), Scotland and Wales?

I recall being at school and being shown a Union flag and how it was made up.

Andy Murray may not be very media friendly and he is not my first choice but his heritage is no reason for him not to win - he showed some grit and won big this year so he deserves to be in the running - racism is beneath me. Peace :)

12/09/2012 12:36

I think Iain MacIntosh has a bit of a xenophobic attitude, with his comment on Andy Murray:


" ...I've been swayed by a Scottish tennis player who's so good he's almost English."


Tongue in cheek, perhaps, but as a Scotsman living in England, I regard Andy as British... and i'm bloody proud of him.

12/09/2012 13:30

Ellie Simonds taught me a thing or two about gratitude and ambition and that smile!

She totally deserves a medal so stick her on the honours list but....

Bradley Wiggins pulled the biggest sporting first in HISTORY I mean come on guys!

He won the Tour de France!  It just does not get bigger than that :)

12/09/2012 15:43

MSN writer Ian Macintosh.. you are a complete imbecilic arse.


"a Scottish tennis player who's so good he's almost English." W T F  could you possibly mean by this ?

Its a bigoted & racial comment that deserves to be removed & reported.

As one who is proud to be both Scottish & British, I utterly detest comments like this, and its little things like this that drives a further wedge into the breakup of the union, which I for one, do not want.

Andy Murray is a truly great player who won for the UK & Scotland.

If anything, it took a Scot to win a grand slam,  as no English player since Fred Perry was ever good enough

12/09/2012 13:50
An outstanding year for Andy Murray alongside Bradley Wiggins.  The Olympics and Paralympics should have a separate category.  These two men have shown what dedication and training to win is all about.  Andy gets my vote by the slightest margin.
12/09/2012 13:37
Andy Murray more than deserves it this year - 

Runner up in Wimbledon
Mens singles GOLD in Olympics
Mixed Doubles Silver in Olympics
Winner US Open 

12/09/2012 12:48

ALL of the athlete's have done amazingly fantastic!!! But, my vote has to go to a man, who, in the beginning made it very difficult to like him. Yes, he is the best player Britain has ever and will ever have. Emotionally, listening to him after his match at Wimbledon and humbly apologizing to the Brits for the silly comment he made a long time ago, that's when I forgave him and watched him win everything since!!!!!! Andy Murray you deserve to win the nomination!! Good Luck and thank you for some astounding tennis xxxxx


12/09/2012 15:01
I have followed him thro his career and watched him struggle against 3 amazing seeded players..He has dedicated himselt completely to tennis and always been himself and given his all.Well done Andy on all your matches especially your last agonising loss at Wimbledon your amazing defeat of Roger Federer to get the Gold at the Olympics and now your win of the US Open Andy is an amazing person and i wish him all the luck in the future.
12/09/2012 13:38
Sports Personality of the Year was never one to win the ratings war but this time around it is serious the whole nation will be watching avidly I am sure because it matters and the premier league footballers do not have a hope (yay)
12/09/2012 14:07
Totally agree with the comments by Darren Gough, there should be more than one award this year.  It should be sports men and women of the year and not be awarded to one individual.  There have been so many great achivements throughout all fields of sport this year, that to leave out someone would be unfair.  Sometimes these competitions are voted on based purely on an individuals favourite sports personalitites and not by what an individual has achieved or the effort put in to achieve it.  So come on BBC, time to reassess how these awards are going to be made this year and lets see awards given out to more of our great british athletes.
12/09/2012 13:18

With all the acheivments of team GB this year in the Olympics and the ParaOlympics we should have the same as in 1966 when England won the world cup the whole of the team where voted as the sports personalities of the year. There should be no contest all 'Team GB' should be sports personalities of the year!

12/09/2012 12:53
we should all remember that as yet it is still Great Britain!!!!!
12/09/2012 12:51
Well done to everyone   whoever wins will be good, hope Andy Murray can finish of a great BRITISH day by winning the final ATP event at the O2 in November
12/09/2012 15:48
I think Andy Murray has performed terrifically throughout the whole year.  He started by getting to the final in Australia, then at Wimbledon, before winning the Olympic and US Open titles.  All credit to the Olympians, but their achievements have been during the one competition, apart from Bradley Wiggins, who also won the Tour de France.

Larry Reising
12/09/2012 16:14

Iain MacIntosh - have to agree with Jonathan Hume re: the closing comment in your first paragraph.


That's the sort of comment that justifies the anti Murray/Scottish rants from the trolls !


I'm no great supporter of the Union but I do like to take people as they are - no matter their background or nationality


The stay at home bigots that either only go as far south as Blackpool or have never been north to Scotland are the worse kind - so don't give them an excuse to exercise their poor grammar and spelling along with their xenophobic tendencies

12/09/2012 14:19

The SPOTY should go to someone who has excelled in their regular sporting season aswell as at the Olympics.

So it should go to Murray or Wiggins. No one else comes close for me. I don't think i could make a decision between them just yet.

The Olympians have all done great, and i think that maybe a separate Olympic SPOTY award is probably the only fair way to go about things this year.

I wish people would also stop touting the fact that Murray has 'no personality'. He wouldn't be where he is now if he didnt.

12/09/2012 15:22
Andy has stuck to his guns and has been so close to that elusive grand slam, but then to become the Olympic champion and the US  Open champion in the same year and within a few weeks of each other is absolutely brilliant. Andy is true a sports man and only the clenched fist is his sign of a successful point won, not like his opponent  who by his facial expression and the flaying of the arms in the air, one was to get the impression that he was always on match point . Andy deserves the title he is a sports gentleman and he acts like one.  

Gary Rees-Yaeger
12/09/2012 12:06
Clearly, they would all be deserving winners for their achievements this year so I would have thought that it should go to someone achieving success over a number of years rather than what may well be a 'one off'
In that respect it can only be Chris Hoy.  
Like Steve Redgrave, he has consistently succeeded at the highest level over a number of years and has proved to be a genuine champion.
12/09/2012 13:31
Sport personality of the year?.... heaeerrrr... not this time around please. They have all done incredibly well this summer and it would be unfair on others if one was to be chosen as sport personality. The 2012 edition should simply be scrapped. 
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