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04/06/2013 10:30 | By Tom Crocker, contributor, MSN Sport

British MotoGP rider Bradley Smith completes race despite nasty injury

Bradley Smith - MotoGP (© Twitter - @BradleySmith38)

British MotoGP rider Bradley Smith managed to focus on the job in hand despite tendon damage and a broken wrist after trapping his arm under a bike.

“I got away with it lightly”.

Most people would beg to differ after seeing the sickening image of the injury MotoGP rider Bradley Smith suffered in preparation for the Italian Grand Prix!

The Brit suffered damage to his wrist and finger following a heavy fall in practice for the event where he trapped his arm under a bike.

But the 22-year-old from Oxford was determined to try and get some championship points on the board and not only completed the race in Mugello but took ninth place.

Smith, who posted an image of the injury on Twitter, said: “I have destroyed my little finger. I have seen far worse so I have got away with it lightly.”

Not only did he require a skin graft for his finger but Smith also suffered a hairline fracture of his wrist and has now had surgery.

Bradley Smith - MotoGP injury (© Twitter - @BradleySmith38)

04/06/2013 12:55
bike racers, not as soft as footballers are we?
04/06/2013 15:25

It takes a lot of guts to race motorbikes unlike kicking a football footballers are overpaid and overrated Motor GP riders are not overrated or for some riders overpaid either. 

04/06/2013 13:58
Showed some true grit there Bradley and its good to see you improving race by race and moving closer to the guys at the front--keep up the good work
04/06/2013 15:59
bikers are tough and can take it without writhing all over the ground unlike many sportsmen, the only ones that come close to bikers are rugby players .
04/06/2013 15:29

That looks bloody painful, I saw the crash and yes I guess you got off lightly,

another good race day despite the injury so fair play to you.

its tough to find that last 1.5 seconds but your defiantly getting there race by race,

looking forward to see you up the tail of no 99, it will come !!!!!!!!!!!

keep up the good work pal,

100% support from me.



04/06/2013 15:57

Instead of just showing an injury why not report on the Moto GP with proper articles in the Sport pages Msn ?

  Best of luck Bradley, hope this injury won't interfere too much with your position in the race standings.

04/06/2013 18:36
I hope the Sunday afternoon riders who go out in shorts and t shirts see this......and he was wearing the best gear there is
04/06/2013 15:55
he is a great guy.  all the best bradley. 
04/06/2013 17:23
GO BRAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!   ( and he never mentioned that it only happened because he didn't have a factory bike ! )  TRUE GRIT.
04/06/2013 17:03
i wish headline writers would get it right. He DID NOT suffer a broken wrist, he fractured it. There is a difference.Anyway, good luck Brad and keep up the good work. Give Cal a pat on the back for me, 2nd place for a Brit 2 weeks running. Go guys
04/06/2013 16:44
 That must have hurt.Wont stop you from riding though.
04/06/2013 15:47
i bet that left a mark on the tarmac skidy finger ouch 
04/06/2013 15:44
always wondered whats inside ya fingers,red bubbles nice,good luck bradley,
04/06/2013 22:27
What a man , he must be made teak or english oak.By the way spare a thought for Cal Crutchlow  he raced with a broken shin bone ...HARD or what?.
04/06/2013 21:57
Heal well and soon mate! Last time I looked like that was after a 135mph saloon car smash caused by a novice! Any accident that you, figuratively "Walk away from" is a Good one! Get back on A.S.A.P., you will feel better straight away!!!!!!!!!
04/06/2013 22:20

that's bad but for some reason I imagined it much worse with not much finger left :P

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