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16/09/2013 14:15 | By Kevin Scott, reporter, MSN Sport

Is this the worst miss ever?

There have been some shocking misses already in the Premier League this season, but none quite so bad as this miserable effort by Ali Sami Yachir. The wayward striker, who plays for MC Alger in Algeria, took advantage of some terrible opposition goalkeeping but then went one better, or worse, by blasting high and wide from around seven yards out with the goal gaping. MC Alger did go on to win the match 2-0, no thanks to the hapless Yachir, who surprisingly spent the first six years of his career playing in France for Montpellier, Strasbourg and Reims before going back to Algeria.

17/09/2013 15:45
Now if he was a banker, he would have probably got a bonus,insteat he got the booo`s
17/09/2013 08:51
No ha, seen much worst. That keeping is something to be desired though. Even grabbed the players leg, would probably explain him being a little off balance before he took the shot. Still shouldn't miss an open net like that though. Not the worst, but still not good haha.
He could have walked it into the net. Why did he have to shoot from the 6 yd. box? He had plenty of time. Well, he's certainly made a name for himself, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Not only does he get good wages for this, but people pay good money to see this buffoon.  
17/09/2013 14:25
WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!? I remember playground chants of 'Ronnie' (Rosenthal) all through the 90's...and beyond, after he missed a sitter against Villa for Liverpool in '92 but that 'MIGHT' be the worst miss I've EVER seen!? Don't think he will take Ronnie's crown though...don't think his name is quite as catchy as 'Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie' being chanted while being pointed and laughed at!?! Hang your head in shame!
17/09/2013 16:24
I don't know which was worse the goalie falling over the ball or Ali missing what must be the golden opportunity of the season. Wouldn't recommend him to take penalties
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