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06/03/2013 16:45 | By Chris Charles, contributor, MSN Sport

United fan calls police over Nani red card

Referee Cuneyt Cakir sends off Nani (© Agencia EFE Rex Features)

Nani gets his marching orders from Cuneyt Cakir

A Manchester United fan who called police to report a ‘crime’ after Nani’s sending off in the Champions League clash with Real Madrid has apologised.

The 18-year-old was so incensed by the ‘injustice’ of the red card at Old Trafford, which arguably cost United the game, that he dialled his local Nottinghamshire force.

Unsurprisingly they decided against arresting referee Cuneyt Cakir and instead gave the teenager a stern ticking off.

Chief Inspector Ted Antill, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “While this recent example may be amusing, it illustrates the sort of insincere calls we have to deal with on a daily basis in the control room.

“In this case, the man realised his bad judgement and apologised and we decided not to pursue it further.”

Other examples of wasting police time include the woman in the United States who dialled 911 to complain that her local McDonald’s had run out of chicken nuggets, and the concerned man from South Wales who called in  to report a bright stationary light in the sky.

An officer dashed straight round, only discover it was...the moon.

is it right the phone was traced back to alex ferguson
06/03/2013 18:46
Pathetic--he should have been charged with wasting police time
06/03/2013 18:38
****in idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/03/2013 22:41

People like this guy are the ones who stop people who really need the police getting the help they need. Get a grip.

06/03/2013 21:29
Yet more proof that the mental age of a Man Utd supporter is 6.
06/03/2013 23:03
a man utd fan in nottingham sums them up bellend
06/03/2013 18:50
Typical brain dead scum fan, I'm surprised a scum fan could afford a phone.........probably stolen.

Hope they get prosecuted for wasting police time.
They sent a police car round right away with its two tones sounding Nani-Nani, Nani-Nani. For obvious reasons it did not use its light blue light.
06/03/2013 23:44
The whole episode has been pathetic , they lost a match but how the commentators on tv , the opposing manager and Ronaldo were almost in tears made the whole thing embarrasing . How many times have the manure spreaders claimed a victory undeserved ?  The knob from Nottingham was the manure on the cake .
07/03/2013 03:34
Typical manc. Every decision has gone their way for so long they don't know how to react when something doesn't go their way. Just like their manager who's so busy throwing his toys out the pram he can't even give an interviews after a loss. I think the lot of them are a joke
07/03/2013 00:53
Needs to get a sexy girlfriend, so she can play with his tackle and not worry about another guys tackle.
07/03/2013 00:07
Give the stupid mindless idiot community service , sweeping the streets for next season after every Man City game.Like all trafford supportes total arogance.
07/03/2013 01:09
You lost, get over it you Manc Scum!!!
07/03/2013 00:52

you have got to smile tho.if this was the worst thing that happened would life not be great..

football is a great part of the english,or should i not say british way of life i have seen grown men in tears when their team is relegated. yes me too when doncaster rovers lost their place in the leagues.

07/03/2013 00:22
07/03/2013 00:22
Any other case I'd say he's a knob..but in this case, what a legend! Haha
07/03/2013 11:00
The sending off did not cost them the match, Get Over It, YOU LOST. What a complete idiot to call the police, was he hoping they would send someone round to arrest the Ref!!!! 

07/03/2013 10:22
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