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WBO to investigate Pacquiao-Bradley bout

Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley on a judges' decision

Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley on a judges' decision

World Boxing Organisation president Francisco Valcarcel has announced an investigation into Timothy Bradley's controversial win over Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas last weekend.

Bradley emerged victorious via split decision with two judges awarding him the fight 115-113 and a third scoring 115-113 for Pacquiao, despite widespread opinion that the Filipino was a clear winner.

In a statement on the WBO's website, Valcarcel said: "[The WBO], through its Championships Committee, will evaluate the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, which ended in a controversial result."

"[The Championships Committee] will meet soon and examine the video of the fight with five renowned international judges, and according to what is found, it will make its recommendation in accordance with the rules," it said.

Bradley held the WBO's light-welterweight belt before moving up in weight to take the organisation's welterweight belt from Pacquiao, a result that could scupper hopes of a Pacquiao super-fight against Floyd Mayweather.

Bob Arum, the veteran promoter of both fighters, called for an investigation but the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which sanctioned the bout, said it stood by the verdicts of "three seasoned professionals".

The obvious conclusion of the WBO would be to order an immediate rematch, which would be unnecessary given that Pacquaio already had a rematch clause in his contract, and public opinion will demand it anyway.

It could also decide not to recognise Bradley, an unlikely eventuality given Bradley's previous reign as a WBO champion. The WBO's third option is to stand by a verdict which a vehement minority still maintain was perfectly logical.

Duane Ford, one of the two judges who gave the fight to Bradley, told the Las Vegas Review Journal: "I thought Bradley gave Pacquiao a boxing lesson. Pacquiao missed a lot of punches and I thought he was throwing wildly."

13/06/2012 19:29
And while I'm on my soap box, Amir Khan is really starting to make himself look like a proper whinner. I understand Pac is your stable mate but stop going on and on about Lamont Peterson!!! The Peterson fight was close, very close, OK you lost fair enough but stop going on about it. It's lucky that Peterson has been done for a drugs test so everything is stacked in poor little hard done by Amirs favour now but if that hadn't happened you would make yourself look even more stupid. Do yourself a favour, stop publicly complaining, thats over and done with now, knuckle down in the gym and use the skills you have to show that you could be an outstanding boxer, I personally think Amir Khan has the tools to do very very well, BUT all these boxers posses telling people how amazing they are and having their tongue stuck up their arses doesn't help anyone, just leads to untouchable God complexes. Fists do talking in boxing, not your mouth!
13/06/2012 19:28

It was a tight fight, the problem is it's all about the Manny show, everyone watching this fight just looked at Pacman and only noticed the shots he was producing and only remembver shots which landed, I thought he looked ragged not his usual standard (as his last 2 as well) but if you watched the fight from a neutral point of view then yes, in my opinion Manny edged it by a couple of rounds, but it's all a case of personal view point, certain judges go for certain styles, some people like stylists, some people like heavy handed bangers, some judges mark down for missing shots, some mark that up for output, its the sport and how it works. But to be crying like this now doesn't cover anyone in glory. Where was all this when Marquez got robbed in Pac's last fight? Marquez won that fight by about the same margin in my opinion and was really hardly done by but it was accepted and moved on. I've got nothing against Pacman, he's a great fighter, great ambassador for boxing and his form over the last few years has been hall of fame standard, exciting and great for boxing. A vast percentage of fights which go to the scorecards always leaves a bitter taste in someones mouth. To be fair though, it's not even Pac moaning about it, just everyone caught up in the public whirlwind of Pacmania!!! One final point is the isn't it strange how they are both promoted by Bob Arum?? lucrative rematch maybe? Manny's last fight (theres no way he will step in with Money now, although would love it if he proved me wrong) and Bradley being promoted as the new pound for pound great being lined up against marquee names who are on the wain? Just watch, my money goes on a rematch in late summer and will probably end up as a draw............

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