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Witter warns Hatton against comeback

Ricky Hatton's return to Boxing would be a mistake, according to Junior Witte

Ricky Hatton's return to Boxing would be a mistake, according to Junior Witte

Ricky Hatton has been told that making a ring comeback is a mistake, by the man who spent most of his career calling him out.

The 33-year-old is expected to confirm he is coming out of retirement on Friday, three years after he last threw a punch. But according to domestic welterweight rival Junior Witter, who consistently tried and failed to lure Hatton into a bout, the move is a bad one.

"I don't see what is in it for him," he told the Daily Express. "You have to come back for a reason and I don't see what the reason is."

He added: "Ricky achieved what he did in a brilliant career, but he is not the type of kid who likes to stay fit and in shape. Ricky likes to go out for a beer. His lifestyle is just not suited to be a professional boxer and it is a mistake for him to come back."

Paulie Malignaggi, beaten by Hatton in the past, has been touted as a possible opponent, but typically, Witter would like to be in the frame himself.

"Ricky doesn't need to prove anything," he added. "He had a great career, did remarkably well out of it and should leave it at that, unless there is a purpose behind him coming back - like fighting me.

"We never boxed because Ricky never wanted it, even when I was the WBC world champion and he held the IBF and WBA belts. If he came back to fight me then I could see the point in it."

As well as Witter, Amir Khan's manager has suggested his fighter would one day be willing to fight his British rival and friend. Asif Vali is quoted in the Daily Star as saying: "It would be huge. It could sell 100,000 at Wembley and everyone would want to see it. A fight between Ricky and Amir further down the line would be huge."

Vali went as far as to suggest he had spoken to his fighter, still smarting from his shock loss to Danny Garcia, about the possibility of a showdown with Hatton.

"While he and Ricky are good friends, he knows boxing is a business," he added.

13/09/2012 10:32
money a big factor,being centre of attention again. could be a bad move, could end in tears.he really has nothing to prove,
he is making a comeback so he can get called out by amir khan, get beat by khan , so khan can be put back onto the map as a serious contender british boxer....    all a load of **** really.. hyping up british boxing to be something it isnt... even if hatton comes back his fight is going to be crap and boring anyway, they always are he has a very broing fighting style...  htey probably set up a fight between him and khan... be hyped to crap like everything round here.. and end up being a **** boring fight... khan will win, hatton will retire again,... and khan will say how he is back on path to being the best in the world and wants to fight mayweathre bla bla bla.....   its the only way to bring amir khan back from the dead.....
13/09/2012 13:07

@ ronnie Osullivan


Khan beating Hatton wouldn't fool anyone,or earn him another shot at

a world title.

Avoid @ all cost Ricky's had his day, doesn't really enjoy his salads does he ?, I'm such a fan of boxing, cage fighter, etc but taking too many punches has been proved dangerous, he'll do what he wants to do though.
13/09/2012 15:41
khan has messed is career up he'll never be half the fighter hatton is , hatton was a champion still is a champion and allways will be a champion , khan wouldnt last 12 rounds with hatton  
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