Ethiopia vs Nigeria

13 October 2013 14:00 GMT 13/10/2013 14:00:00 GMT
Ref: N. Alioum
Addis Ababa Stadium
Attendance: 22,000
  • B. Assefa 56'
  • E. Emenike 67', (pen) 90'
0 15 30 45 60 75 90 15 30

live commentary

    Welcome to the National Stadium in Addis Ababa where Ethiopia welcome Nigeria in the first leg play-off qualifying game for the 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil. My name is Lolade Adewuyi and I will bring you commentary for this game. Thanks for joining us. You can get in touch with me via Twitter (@jololade) and some of your comments could make it onto this thread. I'm hoping for an exciting game here, but more than me, the Ethiopian fans have come out en masse to cheer the Walya Antelopes. Will the Super Eagles survive this cauldron? Let us have your thoughts.
    Ethiopia Line Up: Jemal TASSEW (GK), Degu DEBEBE, Abebaw BUTAKO, Aynalem HAILU, Salahdin AHMED, Asrat GOBENA, Menyahel TESHOME, Tesfaye SEYOUM, Shemeles BEKELE, Girma ADANE, Behailu ASSEFA
    Loud cheers coming through as the Ethiopian leader gets introduced to the players. We're in for a massive game today. The stadium is vibrating, I've never seen such a match before. I hope we make it through without any incident. National anthems begin, first Nigeria and then Ethiopia.
  • 1'
    After that loud, almost defeaning roar for the national anthems, we get off to this game with Ethiopia taking the kick off.
  • 2'
    Good start from the Ethiopians who are cheered on by the home crowd. They win an earrly corner kick as they look to be putting the pressure on Nigeria early.
  • 3'
    The Nigerians struggling with the frenetic pace of the Ethiopians but they get the ball back in attack as Emenike wins a corner kick as his shot is blocked.
  • 4'
    Ethiopia win back the ball after Musa's corner kick to Mikel was blocked. The Eagles look to be settling down to the game now winning some possession.
  • 6'
    Moses sends a free kick out wide. The Ethiopians start the attack again but are pushed back by Nigeria's defence. Every once in a while the loud cheer goes up and our seats vibrate. There's hardly elbow room to write here. There's no decent press box in the National Stadium Addis
  • 8'
    The Antelopes' strength is in their midfield and they have made it obvious with the strength of their passing. Nigeria win a free kick but the resultant kick sails far over anyone into the handss of goalkeeper Tassew.
  • 10'
    Ten minutes gone, keen to see where the opening goal is going to come from.
  • 13'
    First yellow card of the game is shown to Tesfaye Seyoum for a bad tackle on Moses. The players argue with the referee but the kick from the Eagles goes wide. Shortly after Moses gets an opportunity at goal but shots wide.
  • 13'
    S. Tesfaye goes into the referee's book.
  • 16'
    Mikel gets brought down and the referee blows for a foul. Nigeria lose possession again in this speedy game played at high altitude. How long before they run out of air?
  • 18'
    Moses wins another free kick off Seyoum who would need to be careful of a second booking. Goalkeeper Tassew misses Musa's cross into the box and the Nigerians win a corner. Dangerous one there. Corener kick goes wide.
  • 20'
    Great opportunity for Oduamadi to score but he meets it with his heels and misses target. Nigeria showing strength now
  • 22'
    So far, the Antelopes have shown that ther are not pushovers. They have attacked and hassled the African champions and delighted their fans with their play here.
  • 23'
    Ethiopia denied a goal by the referee after Saladin Said's attempt seemed to have crossed the but Oboabona kept it out.
  • 25'
    Crowds booing now, they feel robbed of that opportunity. Nigeria look to arrange themselves once more. A strong call for goal line technology in all football among local journalists here.
  • 27'
    This match is being played at frenetic pace, the Ethiopians trying to outrun the Nigerians as they hope the altitude will work for them.
  • 29'
    Shimeles Bekele wins a free kick off Onazi but Abebaw Butako shoots it high above Enyeama's goal. Nigeria launch out again with boos from the crowd
  • 31'
    The referee waves away calls by Saladin for a penalty but it seemed Egwuekwe won the ball off him cleanly. Weather's getting cold here but the energy in the stands ensures there's enough warmth around
  • 33'
    Tassew makes a save off a snap volley by Ahmed Musa. That shot came from nowhere, didn't see it coming.
  • 34'
    The weather here is even affeccting the Antelopes who have opted for a quick water break.
  • 36'
    It's amazing how easily the Antelopes carve open the Nigerian midfield with passes like Barcelona. However, they need to try to find the target, they need better shooting to test Enyeama.
  • 38'
    Adane Girma, who I didn't expecct to start this game, just carved open the Nigerian deffence once again but shoots high above the cross bar. Think he shouldhave passed to his point man Saladin there.
  • 39'
    Emenike gets a shot on target with Tassew well placed to stop it from going in. The Eagles relying on fast breaks now. Can they keep up with the pace of the Antelopes?
  • 40'
    Emenike wins a free kick but Onazi's kick goes above the bar. I'm worried about the flight of the ball, the altitude makes balls lighter than usual
  • 42'
    Godfrey Oboabona, the Rizespor defender has shown his quality so far int his game as he's helped the Eagles avoid going behind. Mikel gets into a tangle.
  • 44'
    Still the Ethiopians delight with their passing, quick, short and accurate. They are in front in terms of possession but need to make it count with a goal.
  • 45'
    In added time now, Saladin forces Enyeama into a great save and for a corner kick. Nigeria clear the kick as the referee calls time on this half. Nigeria will be glad that they have escaped going behind in this first half.
    Wow, what a half. Noise levels rising inside the stadium. Must be the fastest game I've ever seen in Affrican football. Send your thoughts over to me via Twitter: @jololade and tell me, will Nigeria survie the second half?
    Apologies for not displaying the Nigeria line up earlier, had problems with the html codes: Enyeama; Ambrose, Oboabona, Egwuekwe, Echiejile; Onazi, Mikel, Oduamadi; Musa, Emenike, Moses.
    Lots of people saying that the Ethiopians will win the game, it's tough to doubt them with this kind of play
    Do keep your comments coming via Twitter, I will endeavour to share them with the world.
  • 46'
    Nigeria begin this half with the kick off. Have they settled down and found the secret to stop Sewnet Bishaw's men? 45 mins to play.
  • 48'
    Ethiopia have continued from where they left from in the first half. They continue to boss the midfield with quick short passes.
  • 51'
    A rare attack for Nigeria but Emenike as waited for someone to assist him. Musa shoots straight at the Ethiopian defence.
  • 53'
    Nigeria win free kick via Oduamadi but MIkel's effort is poor. Ethiopia break quickly but Enyeama comes out to clear on the edge of his box.
  • 56'
    Goal to Ethiopia, scored by B. Assefa!
  • 56'
    Adane Girma is yellow-carded.
  • 57'
    B. Assefa receives a yellow card.
  • 58'
    Unbelievable scenes in here, fans chanting and the noise level has risen astonishingly. Nigeria in search of a come back now, can they find a goal?
  • 60'
    Tassew spills a catch off a long throw in by Ambrose but the Ethiopians clear. Fever pitch noise here as the Antelopes go on a quick counter. Ambrose just gets a head to deny a lurking attacker.
  • 62'
    Moses gets one on one with the goalkeeper but Tassew saves his shot. A quick break sees Oboabona foul his opponent in front of the Nigeria box in a dangerous area. Free kick for Ethiopia. Saladin shoots at the wall.
  • 64'
    Adane Girma is done for the day. U. Ukuri is his replacement.
  • 65'
    N. Igiebor enters play, replacing N. Oduamadi.
  • 66'
    GOAL!!! Emenike scores out of nowhere. Everyone's gone quiet here. Emenike takes the pass and shoots from outside of the box.
  • 67'
    Nigeria score a goal through E. Emenike!
  • 67'
    V. Moses is replaced with B. Ideye.
  • 69'
    Nigeria playing with a bit more confidence after that goal. They are charging more with greater purpose.
  • 73'
    Changes made all round, Moses out, Ideye in, Adane out for Ethiopia.
  • 74'
    S. Bekele is done for the day. A. Hintsa is his replacement.
  • 76'
    Moments after being refused a penalty call, Musa sneaks into the Ethiopian box and stikes the upright. Dangerous living for the Antelopes and a gasp of relief all around.
  • 79'
    Ethiopia win a corner kick and the crowd finds its voccie once more. Twice they fail to make it count as Nigeria escape going behind for the second time.
  • 82'
    Oboabona comes to the rescue of the Nigerians once again as he clears the ball from Saladin's grasp. Ethiopians charging now as they have regained their composure
  • 84'
    A. Hintsa is yellow-carded.
  • 85'
    Hinisa just missed a glancing header in front of Enyeama, the subsitute failed to connect with the cross properly.
  • 88'
    Ethiopia keep probing but the Nigeria defence has withstood their every move so far.
  • 88'
    GOAL!!! Penalty to Nigeria! Emenike is pulled down in the box by Hainalem Hailu who gets a yellow card. Emenike steps up and scores.
  • 89'
    A. Hailu is yellow-carded.
  • 90'
    Ethiopia search for an equaliser looking a lot more urgent now. They surely must feel hard done by if this game ends this way.
  • 90'
    Penalty goal scored by E. Emenike!
  • 90'
    Added time now, the crowd seems to have given up and are moving out of the stadium. Hinisa's shot is gathered comfortbaly by Enyeama.
  • 90'
    After four minutes of added time, referee Alioum calls for an end to the game. Nigeria survive the battle of Addis Ababa. The make mince meat of the altitude.
    The Nigerians are celebrating now with the vociferous Ethiopian fans having been silenced. Emenike the hero of the day applauds the crowds. What are your thoughts? Let's take the conversation to Twitter. Thank you for joining Goal's commentary. Lolade Adewuyi (@jololade)

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